Top Ski Resorts Worldwide for Late Season Skiing

Top Ski Resorts Worldwide for Late Season Skiing

Sunshine, snow and quite slopes!

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It’s true that when you love something, you want to experience it over and over again. And if you’re a ski lover, who says you need to wait all year to enjoy it? In fact, skiing post ski season is actually more fun than when the slopes are packed with tourists and locals during peak season.

For that reason, you should simply ski until your heart is content, at any time of the year. Don’t know where to go? No worries! We know of several really great ski resorts worldwide that are open during post ski season! Less people, fresher snow, and a bit of sun equals living the dream.

Best Places to Ski Post Season in Europe

France: Val D’Isère, French Alps

Closes: May 2nd

Closest Airport to Val d’Isère ski resort: 180 km, Geneva Airport

Airport Transfer time to Val d’ Isère: 2 hours 30 minutes

This ski resort in France markets itself with one simple word: unique. And that’s exactly what they’re about. They breathe life into its guests, and offer impeccable skiing facilities, even after ski season has ended.

At Val d’ Isère, you can expect to enjoy the slopes until May 1st. Grab your best friends, family, or lover and enjoy the spaciousness of post ski season in Europe.

Austria: Hintertux Glacier, Tyrol

Open 365 days a year

Closest Airport to Hintertux Glacier ski resort: 93 km, Innsbruck Airport

Airport Transfer time to Hintertux Glacier: 1 hour 30 minutes

At Hintertux Glacier, you can ski all-year-round. Yeah, 365 days a year. Isn’t that simply perfect? Forget the blues when it comes to packing away your skiing equipment, Austria has you covered.

This ski resort in Austria is the only one that is open 365 days a year, and is set at an altitude of 3,250 m. Enjoy their “perfectly groomed snow” any time of the year if you’d like to ski post season in Europe!

Finland: Rukantunturi, Kuusamo

Closes: April 30th

Closest Airport to Rukatunturi ski resort: 27 km, Kuusamo Airport

Airport Transfer time to Rukatunturi ski resort: 24 minutes

Stepping into Rukatunturi ski resort in Finland is like a fairytale winter wonderland. Not only because you can enjoy cross-country or downhill skiing, but because they offer a ton of cool other things to do too.

Fancy going on a husky safari? How about a reindeer sled ride? And when the sun goes down, you can enjoy a few cocktails and local cuisine. This ski resort in Finland has pulled out all of the stops.

They’re open until April 30th, making them a great choice to ski post season in Europe.

Italy: Passo Tonale, between Vermiglio and Ponte di Legno

Closes: Middle of June

Closest Airport to Passo Tonale ski resort: 111.4 km, Bolzano Airport

Airport Transfer time to Passo Tonale: 1 hour 50 minutes

Passo Tonale encourages late season skiing in Europe, as they’re usually open until the middle of June. Which is why it’s a perfect spot for those who seek tranquility whilst on a skiing vacation.

It’s a ski resort in Europe that accommodates skiers of all levels, with the longest decent being 11 km long and the highest lift being 3,030 m high.

They’ve been awarded five stars for their quality of snow, and promise to be snow-sure all season round!

Sweden: Riksgränsen, Lappland

Closes: End of May

Closest Airport to Riksgränsen ski resort: 139 km, Kirkuna Airport

Airport Transfer time to Riksgränsen: 1 hour 49 minutes

As well as being a great location for late season skiing in Europe, Riksgränsen ski resort offers other services and experiences that only add to its charm.

Here, you can find great travel and lodging options, restaurants, competitions and events, and team building initiatives for companies. You can also enjoy other activities such as dog sled tours and snowmobile tours.

This ski resort in Sweden is open until around the end of May, and sometimes until the end of June depending on circumstances.

Best Places to Ski Post Season in North America

Canada: Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia

Closes: May 27th

Closest Airport to Whistler Blackcomb ski resort: 134.5 km, Vancouver Airport

Airport Transfer time to Whistler Blackcomb: 2 hours 13 minutes

The Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada encourages you to enjoy the Spring air at their fine ski resort. For them, it’s all about those “soft turns and warm days on the mountain.”

What’s also great about this late season skiing location, is that it boasts 4.7 stars from nearly 2,000 customer reviews on Google. What does that mean, essentially? That you’re in for a real treat and an amazing experience, guaranteed.

So, if you decide to take a mini vacation to this ski resort in Canada, you can enjoy some late season skiing until May 27th. Definitely worth a ponder!

United States: Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, California

Closes: May 31st

Closest Airport to Squaw Valley ski resort: 78 km, Reno-Tahoe Airport

Airport Transfer time to Squaw Valley: 54 minutes

Squaw Valley is a ski resort in California that likes to describe their location as an “unlimited playground”. They’ve been blessed with three Best Ski Resort in North America awards by USA Today, and have received a number of other high-esteemed acclamations for their great service.

This ski resort in California spans over 6,000 skiable acres, and is suitable for skiers of all levels. They also have slope-side lodging nearby with lots of fun things to do – such as over 50 bars, restaurants, and shopping.

Squaw Valley is open until May 31st and basically, visiting this ski resort is to combine a few of the 300 + sunny days California has to offer with gorgeous fresh snow and unforgettable experiences.

Best Places to Ski Post Season in Asia

Japan: Furano, Hokkaido

Closes: March 25th

Closest Airport to Furano ski resort: 49.2 km, Asahikawa Airport

Airport Transfer time to Furano: 1 hour 4 minutes

Furano is a powder resort that has two zones, Furano and Kitanomine. This ski resort in Japan is mostly dedicated to beginners and intermediate skiers, but do offer some terrains for the more advanced.

Their amenities and services are well-developed, and the ski resort itself gives off a real authentic experience. It also caters to English-speaking guests without compromising the Japanese cultural feel.

In the area, you can stay in one of two Prince Hotels, and the island of Hokkaido has a lot of great things to do when it comes to sightseeing. Enjoy the Kitanomine zone until March 25th and the Furano zone until May 6th.

Simply put, to enjoy late season skiing is to indulge in the finer things in life. There are so many benefits of skiing during off-peak season, and if you have the time and opportunity, we strongly recommend you give one or more of these ski resorts in Europe, North America, or Asia a try.

Why You Absolutely Must Go Skiing in March & Which Ski Resorts

Why You Absolutely Must Go Skiing in Spring & Which Ski Resorts

You may be thinking a ski holiday in March is absolutely absurd, as it’s well-known that folk enjoy this outdoor sport when the snow is in full swing.

In actuality however, March is one the best times to hit the slopes! And allow us to give you reasons why.

Family Vacations

March is the perfect month to enjoy a ski holiday for families with small children. This is because the weather is starting to warm up, reducing the chance of your little ones complaining of frozen hands and feet.

It’s also a much more relaxed atmosphere, meaning that you won’t have to wake up with the sunrise to get the best spots or to beat the lines. You can simply enjoy a leisurely vacation with the ones you love.

Additionally, it’s a great time to enjoy the last bit of sunshine whilst on a family picnic for lunch, or to enjoy the view of a gorgeous sunset without feeling exceptionally cold. Who knows, you may just come back with a bit of a tan!

Packing Light

In addition to the warmer weather in March, you won’t need to pack several different layers of clothing, creating a heavy and inconvenient suitcase.

It also means that you won’t have to wear said-layers during your ski holiday, which can be a real drag to put on and take off.

Less Crowded

By going on that ski holiday in March, you’ll be able to enjoy prime time without the crowds. While many spend their time waiting in line to enjoy the slopes during peak season, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of more space, more snow, and more time outside to enjoy the spring vibe.

People are also more friendly while on ski holidays in March, as they too don’t need to deal with lots of people, and can bask in the fact that March holds longer days and fresher snow.

Better Deals

It’s no lie that tourism coins in during peak season – and when it comes to skiing, that season is winter. But for those who think smart, going on a ski holiday in March is actually the best time to get cheaper deals, making it a perfect excuse to enjoy the slopes.

Along with cheaper deals, you’ll save on rental equipment, lessons, and lift tickets.

Not only that, but many ski resorts offer discounts on accommodation during this time, as it is approaching the end of the season. You’ll probably also find a ton of activity packages and deals at a lower cost too.

More Snow
After peak snow season has ended, the pistes are left in great condition having had the entire winter to create a solid base. That means that skiing for both newbies and pros is a real treat.

Additionally, those adventurous skiers have the best of both worlds – powder snow on north facing slopes, and spring snow on the east, south, and west-facing slopes.

With that, here are our top picks when it comes to ski resorts:

Alpe D’huez

A ski resort in France, Alpe D’huez can be found in the Central French Western Alps. It opened its doors in 1936 and boasts 300 days of sunshine with a south-facing plateau at 1860 m above sea level.

Visitors have dubbed it a “great place to ski and snowboard,” and agree that the pistes are perfect for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

What’s also great about Alpe D’huez is that they offer free ski airport transfer via shuttle bus that runs day and night.

Added bonus: this ski resort transfer option is available during the summer and off-peak seasons too.

La Plagne

Another French ski resort in the alpine valley of Tarentaise, La Plagne sees the likes of over 2.5 million visitors per season. It’s a resort that is great for kids and families, friends, couples and lovers, and has a number of pristine accommodation options.

Guests have given this ski resort five stars for its beautiful ski area, quality accommodation, and value for money. It’s also well-known for having excellent links to surrounding villages and areas.


A ski resort but also a proper town, reflect on the day over a cocktail at Moo Bar or locally brewed ale at the Micro Brasserie de Chamonix – both often have live music to add to the scene.

Chambre 9 gets the crowds dancing on tables to everyone’s favourite tunes, while Les Caves is the pick for a posh party scene.

Not only that, but fun and exciting events are held year-round, giving you even more reason to go on that ski trip in March.

Ready to hit the slopes this March, beating the winter madness that is peak ski season? It is undoubtedly the perfect time to enjoy the sun and activities at your leisure with the ones you love.

Top 15 Absolute Best Romantic Ski Resorts in The World

Top 15 Absolute Best Romantic Ski Resorts in The World

romantic ski resorts - ski lifts

So, you’re looking to surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway in a high mountain ski resort?

Or maybe you two are avid skiers and are planning your next vacation?

Whichever it is, what you’re looking for is the Top 15 Absolute Best Romantic Ski Resorts in The World, and that’s exactly what you’re going to find in this article.

You’ll learn about incredible ski resorts and what makes them stand apart from the rest. What makes them the best places for a romantic retreat with your lover. And most importantly, which one suits your couple the best (yes, not all resorts are made equal and not all have only a mountain to offer… Don’t worry, they all offer at least a mountain you can go skiing on!).


By the way, this list is NOT in an order from best to worst. These different ski resorts offer something unique to the table and they’re all equally amazing. It depends entirely on you and your significant other’s preferences. So don’t be discouraged when the first few entries aren’t to your liking, we guarantee that you’ll find at least one place that you’ll fall in love with!

Anyway, we wouldn’t want to bore you to death with this intro, so how about we jump straight to the action and into the list of the Top 15 Absolute Best Romantic Ski Resorts in The World. Starting off with:

1. Zermatt – Switzerland

Zermatt is a wondrous little village at the foot of the Matterhorn. A perfect retreat that offers both lively streets as well as quiet, romantic corners. The village hosts a modern look while still managing to keep the history with buildings dating from over 500 years ago.

It’s truly a place of past and present, pushing you to live through an experience that connects people in the most meaningful of ways.

If you’re looking for a cozy vacation on a world-renowned ski resort, you ought to give Zermatt a chance.

2. Alpbach – Austria

The Alps don’t only offer a superb skiing experience for veteran skiers. They host lovely romantic retreats like Alpbach. Experience unique closeness with your partner at 1,000m above sea level.

There’s nothing that can compare to the gorgeous scenery and elegant architecture of Alpbach. All buildings are made of wood, taking you away from the busy city life, and transferring you to a serene place.

If you’re searching for an authentic experience in The Alps that you can share with your lover, Alpbach, Austria is waiting for you with open arms.

3. Serre Chevalier – France

As the largest ski resort in the Southern Alps, Serre Chevalier (or Serre Che, as the locals call it) offers a vast collection of romantic experiences. Apart from skiing, enjoy relaxation with your significant other in the spa. Or perhaps sightseeing the stunning scenery is more up your alley?

Whatever the case, you’ll find yourself deeply in love not only with your partner but with the French atmosphere in Serre Chevalier. And if you’re a fan of the French cuisine, you and your significant other will find exquisite and romantic restaurants in plenty.

All in all, Serre Chevalier rightfully earns its spot on a top list of romantic ski resorts… Maybe it’s just the French? Bienvenue! (It means ‘Welcome’).

4. Ortisei – Italy

Located in Dolomites Val Gardena, South Tyrol, Ortisei offers a wonderful retreat for lovers. You’ll immediately notice the effects of superior woodcarving, done by the masterful craftsmanship of the Dolomites Val Gardena residents. With carved wooden sculptures, the scenery both in town and outside in nature is hard to rival.

Speaking of the scenery, the retreat is surrounded by mountains, making it the perfect location for skiing. That, combined with the centuries old culture and traditions, makes for an exquisite experience for you and your soulmate.

Treat yourself and your loved one to a wondrous vacation in the stunning Ortisei.

5. Adelboden – Switzerland

If you’re looking for a more family-oriented skiing vacation, Adelboden, Switzerland might be the place for you. The smaller village type of retreat that Switzerland offers perfectly fits Adelboden’s description. You’ll find yourself in a cozy place that enhances bonding with close ones.

And if you’re looking for a more romantic, one-on-one, type of vacation, Adelboden offers that as well. The gorgeous mountain scenery, combined with the coziness of a small village, perfectly fit the fantasy of taking some time off with your significant other in an isolated place.

Truly a place of closeness, Adelboden earns a spot on the best romantic ski resorts list and our recommendation to you.

6. Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Commonly referred to as just ‘Cortina’, this small commune in the hearth of the Southern Alps is a perfect retreat for all lovers. With an enormous amount of history and a strong culture, Cortina offers a unique experience for you and your significant other.

Cortina is mostly well known for being a place that hosts renowned intellectuals, writers, poets and editors like Ernest Hemingway and Vittorio Glassman. The exceptional culture will definitely reinvigorate and reinforce the deep bond shared with your partner.

If you’re looking for a place of history and culture, as well as an amazing ski resort, for yourself and your lover, look no further than Cortina d’Ampezzo.

7. Zell Am See – Austria

Located on the shore of Lake Zell, this wondrous retreat offers a unifying vocational experience. The mountain above, Schmittenhöhe Mountain, provides you with the skiing experience you’ve been looking for. This mountain-heavy landscape, combined with the beauty of Lake Zell, creates a truly wonderful scenery.

Gift your significant other an unforgettable experience with a superb winter vacation in Zell Am See, a place that ignites true romance and love.

8. Lech – Austria

If you and your lover are avid skiing fans, you’ll fall in love with Lech. As one of the world’s premier ski destination, Lech offers superb skiing experience for couples.

Couple that with the small population and it really begins to feel like your own isolated part of the world, where you can enjoy your skiing hobby with your significant other.

Truly a great place for skiing and romance, Lech earns a top spot on any list for romantic ski resorts. In that light, we can’t recommend it enough. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a sweet package of skiing and romance.

9. Kitzbuhel – Austria

Being one of the largest ski resorts in Austria, Kitzbuhel offers you and your partner an alternative, world-class skiing resort, version of a medieval town.

With immense, cross-country skiing areas, you’ll find yourself in a dreamlike place which nothing can compare to. Apart from the amazing skiing resort it is, Kitzbuhel’s unique architecture offers a wonderful and romantic retreat for you and your significant other.

If you’re looking for a combination of unique romantic sights and great skiing options, you should definitely check Kitzbuhel out.

10. Aspen – USA

Aspen is located in Colorado, USA and its name comes from the neighboring Aspen Mountain. What’s interesting and different about it is that it’s not a typical ski resort (meaning that skiing is not the reason why it exists). Aspen has its normal, city-like community and you’ll find yourself pretty much at home there.

If you and your lover are not looking for a dedicated ski place and would instead prefer a resort that’s more like back home, Aspen is the place for you. But don’t let that fool you that the ski experience is any less from amazing.

For couples looking for a similar to home skiing experience, we recommend Aspen, Colorado.

11. Samoens – France

France seems to absolutely adore Samoens. The reason I’m saying that is because Samoens is a winter sports resort that’s been awarded the ‘Famille Plus Montagne’ label (meaning it’s exceptional for family ski vacations), is classified by the Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques (given because its national heritage), and is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns if France.

Its heritage is that of the stonemasons, you’ll find that stonecutting is incredibly prominent there.

All these things combined (the awards and it’s strong heritage) make for the perfect romantic ski vacation for you and your significant other

12. Banff – Canada

Surrounded by several mountains, hidden in vast forests, Banff is simply put – Gorgeous. No wonder the place is Canada’s oldest national resort. If you’re looking for a vacation that’ll transcend you and your lover from your everyday lives to a serene place of absolute beauty, you should definitely check Banff out.

The most notable mountains (Mount Rundle, Sulphur Mountain, Mount Norquay, and Cascade Mountain make) make for one of the best skiing experiences. We cannot recommend Banff enough and it without a doubt finds its place on the list of best romantic ski resorts in the world.

13. Geilo – Norway

The first and one of the largest skiing resorts in Norway, Geilo, offers insanely beautiful scenery, superb skiing experiences, and most importantly, the perfect place for a romantic getaway for you and your significant other.

Being a small town offers a cozy retreat for any couple, looking for a bit of isolation in their ski vacation. Whether you and your lover are avid skiers or just looking for a lovely winter vacation, Geilo will not disappoint you.

14. Morzine – France

Just below Mount Blanc (which means “White Mountain”), which is the highest mountain in the Alps, you’ll find Morzine, an equally impressive ski resort perfect for couples.

Apart from having stunning scenery, Morzine’s architecture is dominated by chalets, which are houses made of wood. This makes for an extremely beautiful and thus romantic retreat in the mountains.

If you and your lover enjoy this type of architecture, then Morzine is one of the best romantic ski resorts you can choose.

14. Wengen – Switzerland

Last but in no way least, is Wengen. An extraordinary resort that hosts insanely gorgeous scenery at an elevation of 1,274m above sea level. Apart from being way up high and extremely beautiful, Wengen offers an amazing skiing experience.

This combination definitely puts it in the list of the best romantic ski resorts in the world.

So, if you’re looking to surprise your significant other with a gorgeous ski vacation, we suggest that you check Wengen out right now.

And that does it for our list of the Top 15 Absolute Best Romantic Ski Resorts in The World. Now you know the absolute best places to take your significant other on your next vacation. And the one after that… And so on.

This means that you’re well prepared to surprise and take your lover to an amazing ski holiday.

If you still can’t make a decision, just check out our website and you’ll find all the travel and tourism information you need in order to make your next romantic retreat unforgettable.

Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your Skis Abroad

Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your Skis Abroad


You’ve just booked your ski holiday and the excitement is already kicking in. Feeling prepared you’ve pre-booked your lift pass, all that’s left to do is grab your suitcase and head for the airport, right? But, what about your skis? The big decision is whether you wax your skis and go with the confidence you have your own with you or is it easier to hire your equipment when you get there?

We’ve put together a guide for you to help with your decision from checking in your skis to hiring them when you arrive and making sure you have everything you need for a successful time on the slopes…

Taking your skis abroad or hiring them when you arrive

This isn’t as clear-cut as you may think. It definitely depends on your preference, some people love taking their own skis, while others swear by the convenience of hiring skis abroad.

It is certainly nicer to have your own equipment with you to match your precise needs. Buying a pair of skis lets you practice before you go abroad, removes the hassle of collecting equipment from a rental shop and saves you money if you’re planning on going on multiple ski holidays.

However, some prefer to not have the hassle of transporting their skis. Especially, if this is your first ski tip then it makes more sense to hire your equipment. Hired skis are generally very well maintained and you can always upgrade day to day depending on the conditions on the slopes.

The benefits of hiring skis abroad…

For a first-time skier or a one-off ski trip, people are more likely to rent skis, boards, poles and helmets. Skiers and snowboarders can rent their skis or snowboards in a resort which can beat bringing their own to the slopes and can also save money.

On average it is more expensive to add the ski carriage to a flight than to rent skis for a week. Obviously, this all depends on the level of rental skis which can range from fat-waist twin-tipped ski to a standard piste ski. This is where the skier needs to be realistic and only hire the type of ski necessary for what they will be doing.

If you do rent skis you should unquestionably book them before you travel rather than walking into the shop and booking on the day. Many are tempted to wait until they get to the resort to hire their gear however this can actually drive up the price significantly. The best way to cut down costs and budget correctly is to book hire before you arrive. This will also ensure you get the best models!

You can book your ski hire online here!

The piece of equipment we recommend you invest in is ski boots. Make sure you have a proper fitting consultation, custom moulding and the correct footbeds to ensure your feet don’t end up hurting.

Now we’ve been through the benefits, you can make your own choice whether you would prefer to hire skis abroad. 


Airline charges for taking your skis abroad

If you are thinking about flying with British Airways and taking your skis/snowboards you will be allowed to do so as part of your checked baggage allowance. You can also appreciate a hassle-free start to your holiday by using the Bag Check-In service and checking in from home. You don’t need to think about it again until you get to your destination airport. Here’s a quick overview of British Airway’s ski and snowboard policy:

Use a recognisable ski or snowboard bag up to 190cm in length

Pack your ski poles and skis in the same bag for only one item of luggage

Skis or snowboard boots will need to be packed separately from your skis or snowboard and will count as a separate item of baggage.

You will not be allowed to board the aircraft wearing your ski or snowboard boots for safety purposes

Virgin Atlantic allows you to fly your ski gear as part of your baggage allowance as long as it weighs 23kg or less. Ski equipment contains one pair of skis, ski boots and a mask or helmet. Snowboard contains a snowboard, boots and bindings and a helmet.

Emirates consider your ski equipment as standard checked baggage allowance. Your ski gear may contain: one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles and ski boots, or one snowboard and a pair of boots.

Air France will accept your ski equipment as a standard baggage and checked allowance. No extra charge is included, but all items must be packed in a travel bag that does not exceed 300 cm in length. Ski equipment may include the following items: Alpine and cross-country skis: one pair of skis, one pair of poles, a pair of boots or Snowboard: one board, a pair of boots. Boots must be packed in a separate bag. 

EasyJet allows up to 20kg of equipment for boots, skis or snowboards. Charges are £37 online and £47 at the airport.

Ryanair ski equipment (up to 20kg) fee is £45 online and £50 at the airport.


Unfortunately, there are additional costs other than the airline costs when you take your skis abroad with you. I say, unfortunately, but this one is a necessity.

Remember when I said some people opt for hiring skis rather than taking their own as they would not want to risk losing their prized possessions. There is always a chance this could happen, albeit a very low chance, however, there’s still that slim chance. If the worst were to happen, you would like the piece of mind that you wouldn’t be out of pocket, wouldn’t you?

That’s why we would always recommend insurance!

Packing your skis and taking the right luggage

Imagine sitting on a plane and looking out of the window to see your ski/snowboard equipment being thrown around. Making sure you have the best bag to protect your skis or snowboard is essential to minimise the risk of damage. For a short trip to the slopes, think about a basic bag with a shoulder strap, however, if you are travelling further afield you may want something sturdier, especially if there is a connecting flight you need to take. If your trip is over a week you may wish to opt for a ‘coffin’ style bag which will give extra padding and more room to pack items in comparison to a standard suitcase. Taking a case on wheels means you won’t pull a muscle before you’ve even hit the slopes.


Check your baggage fees and terms before travelling. Additional bags or if over a certain weight will require extra fees for air travel.


Protect the tips of your ski poles with tip covers or wrap foam insulation around the tips and use a rubber band to secure it. This will prevent them from ripping your ski bag or injuring a baggage inspector.


Don’t travel with skis on the outside of a bag as this will become caught in the baggage conveyor, instead use a padded ski bag to pack skis and poles.


To save on space pack folded/rolled clothing in the bag with the skis. Clothing provides additional padding and means you won’t need to carry as many bags, which will also reduce baggage fees.


Include a luggage tag with your contact information to the outside and inside of your bag, that way if the outer tag becomes lost, the tag on the inside will guarantee you are reunited with your skis at your destination.

There are many benefits to taking your skis or hiring them when you get there. It is all down to personal preference whether you decide to go with the convenience of hiring or the comfort of taking your skis with you. Either way, we are sure you will have a great ski holiday!

40+ Places Kids Ski Free!

40+ Places Kids Ski Free!

Save on your family ski holiday!


Image from Dinoski – Check out their kid’s ski suits here. (Use discount code SKILIFTS for 10% off)

Are you thinking about heading to the ski resort with the family this winter? Ski holidays can be done on a budget, but when the whole family is involved, more often than not the price soon racks up.

If someone said your kids can ski for absolutely free when you’re on holiday, you’d snap their hand off, wouldn’t you? Saving money on your holiday is always a huge positive! Well, that is a reality, while many ski resorts offer great deals where kids can ski or learn to ski for a reduced fee, we’ve trawled the internet to find over 40 resorts across Europe and North America which offer free skiing for kids (up to the age of 17 in some resorts).

Take a look below for the up-to-date list for the 2018/19 season where kids can ski for free. Always be sure to check the terms and conditions to check there about qualifying ages, booking deadlines, minimum stays and blackout dates. We’ve tried to be as clear as possible with these points, but we would recommend to always double check!

North America
Canada | USA

Andorra | Austria | France | Italy | Norway | Switzerland

Places Kids Ski Free in Canada

Banff & Lake Louise

When you choose any Ski & Stay package in Banff & Lake Louise, all children 12 and under get free SkiBig3 tickets for the entire length of your stay – only valid when one adult skis for 5 days or more.

Find out more info here.

Kicking Horse

Kids 5 and under ski for free when accompanied by a paying adult at Kicking Horse.

Marmot Basin

Kids 5 and under ski for free all-the-time at Marmot.

Find out more info here.


Book your ski pass by 15th November 2018 and kids 12 and under ski for absolutely free (the offer is only valid on 2-10 day lift tickets and you receive 1 child ticket per 1 adult ticket purchased)

Children 5 and under always ski for free in Revelstoke.

Find out more info here.


Kids 5 and under ski for free all-the-time at Whistler Blackcomb.

Find out more info here.

Places Kids Ski Free in Colorado

Arapahoe Basin

Children between the ages of 6-12 can ski for absolutely free any two days of the season at Arapahoe Basin. No blackout dates! Only 1 pass per child per season.

Please note – sign up is required and can only be done between the dates 8th June 2018 – 17th December 2018.

Kids under 5 can ski for free every day.

Find out more info here.

Aspen Snowmass

When you book kids ski equipment (aged 7-12) through Four Mountain Sports, they will give you a complimentary lift ticket for Aspen Snowmass for the same amount of days as their rental.

This offer is only valid for travel dates between 1st January 2019 – 21st April 2019.

Kids under 6 always ski free.

Find out more info here.


Stay in Keystone for two or more nights and kids 12 and under ski for free for the duration of your visit.

There are no blackout dates, so book whenever suits you.

Find out more info here.


Maybe it’s the first time you’re going to the ski resort as a family and the kids need to take lessons?

All Children (4-14) who complete three full-day ski or snowboard lesson packages receive a free season pass!

Find out more info here.

Steamboat Springs

Kids 12 and under ski for free for the same number of days as their parent, grandparent or legal guardian, when they purchase a 5-or-more day adult lift ticket.

Find out more info here.

Places Kids Ski Free in Utah


Now at Brighton Resort, children age 10 and under ski free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Find out more info here.


Kids 6 and under ski for free at Snowbird with a paying adult.

Find out more info here.


Kids 6 and under ski for free at Solitude with a paying adult.

Places Kids Ski Free in Andorra

Pas de la Casa

All children under 5 can ski for free in Pas de la Casa.

Find out more info here.

Places Kids Ski Free in Austria

Bad Kleinkirchheim

Okay so this one isn’t technically free, however, your kids can ski for as little as €1 per day. When adults buy a 6-day ski pass, €1 ski passes for children are available to buy from participating accommodation.

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All children under 5 can ski for free on weekdays.

On Saturdays, a maximum of two children up to 15 years old can receive a child’s day pass for free for each day pass purchased by an accompanying adult.

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Children up until 5 years of age ski for free in the Gstaad Mountain Rides region.

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When an adult buys a VIP ski pass for Ischgl, children ski for free until 8 years of age.

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Three children (aged 6-15) are entitled to a free day pass on Saturdays when an adult person purchases 1-day pass or afternoon pass at list price.

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Any children born in 2002 or later can enjoy free skiing in Kitzbuhel on the following dates –

  • 15th December 2018
  • 20th January 2019
  • 9th March 2019
  • 23rd March 2019

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Any child born after the 01/01/2013 can make use of the lifts for absolutely free in Mayrhofen when they are accompanied by an adult (and they are following the terms and conditions of the carriage).

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When an adult purchases a Saalbach ski pass for 4 days or more (not including the Ski Alpin Card, Slazburg Super Ski Card & Kitzbüheler Alpen AllStarCard) accompanying children born in 2003 or later receive 1 free ski pass. The offer is valid from 16th March 2019.

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SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser

In the period of time between 08/12/2018-21/12/2018 & 16/03/2019-31/03/2019 Kids under 15 ski for free!

When one parent purchases a SkiWelt ski pass valid for minimum 3 days, all children from the same family under 15 receive a free ski pass for the same time period.

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St Anton

Children born 2011 or later are entitled to a free ski pass for St Anton (except for 1 day and season).

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Stubai Glacier

Children up to 10 years old ski free when accompanied by a paying adult.

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Places Kids Ski Free in France


1 free kids (up to 12 years old) ski pass with every adult pass purchased for Avoriaz.

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Choose to buy a Chatel or Portes du Soleil adult pass for 3-days or more from the 30th March 2019 and receive a free ski pass for children under 12.

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Flaine & Grand Massif

All children under 5 can ski for free in Flaine & Grand Massif.

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All children under 5 can ski for free in Paradiski.

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All children under 5 can ski for free in Samoens.

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Val d’Isere

In Val d’Isere the rates of ski passes are adapted for families with reduced prices for children from 5 to 13 years old and free ski for children under 5 years old.

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Places Kids Ski Free in Italy


From 28 April to 5 May 2019 the Breuil-Cervinia ski-pass is free if you stay for 4-7 nights. That’s free for everyone, not just kids!

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Dolomiti Superski

Any children born after 30/11/2010 are entitled to a free ski pass for the same period as the ski pass bought by the adult with them (excluding; season ski passes, 8 days in a season, DTL, value points card and noon/afternoon tickets).

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Places Kids Ski Free in Norway


Children up to 6 years ski free in Geilo when accompanied by an adult.

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Children up to 6 years ski free in Lillehammer when accompanied by an adult.

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Children up to 6 years ski free in Trysil when accompanied by an adult.

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Places Kids Ski Free in Switzerland


Children under 6 years of age ski for free.

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St Moritz

Children under 6 years of age ski for free of charge in St Moritz when accompanied by an adult.

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Zell am See

Any children born in 2013 or after are able to ski free of charge in Zell am See when accompanied by an adult.

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Children up until 9 years of age ski for free in the Bürchen-Unterbäch, Eischoll, Visperterminen and Zermatt ski regions. Also, there are discounts for children up to the age of 16.

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Win a DinoSki Suit Worth £185

Win a DinoSki Suit Worth £185

Say goodbye to boring ski suits! We’ve teamed up with Dinoski to offer you the chance to win a Dinoski suit of your choice! Winners will be chosen on 9th November and suits will be posted in time to make your ski holiday extra Roarsome.

dinoski suits

Enter to Win

No doubt about it, your child will love their new ski suit and you’ll spot them easily on the piste. The idea came from the guys at Dinoski thinking that the kids’ skiwear market was boring. Everything looked the same and dull, which isn’t the brightest idea as one of the most important things for parents it to always be able to spot their kids on the slopes. That’s where DinoSki come in… Find out more about their story here.

Entering the competition is simple…

Click the link below and you will be sent to our Facebook page, where you can enter your name and email address. Following that you will be entered into the prize draw. The closing date is 09/11/18 and then the winner will be picked and announced on 16/11/18!




Terms and Conditions:

  • The closing date for entries is 12:00 midnight GMT on the 9 November 2018. Entries received after this time will not be counted.
  • To enter the competition, you must fill in your details on the Ski-Lifts Facebook page, which will give 1 entry.
  • The winner will be chosen at random from all entries and the winner will be announced on the Ski-Lifts Facebook page at 13:00 GMT on the 16 November 2018.
  • The winner will receive their choice of Panda Optics Sunglasses.
  • Entrants must be over 18 years of age.
  • No responsibility is taken for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered or entered for any technical or other reason.
  • Ski-Lifts reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this competition with or without prior notice due to reasons outside its control (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud).
  • Ski-Lifts shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control.
  • Only one entry person is allowed.
  • Entrants must be based in the UK or have a UK address to mail to prize to.
  • By entering our competition, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out above

Skiing vs Snowboarding – Which Is Easier to Learn?

Skiing vs Snowboarding – Which Is Easier to Learn?

Have you decided to head to the likes or Morzine, St Anton, Val Thorens or elsewhere, but can’t make your mind up whether you are a skier or a snowboarder?

It is a classic debate and the response is usually predictable, ask a skier they’ll tell you it’s the best, ask a boarder and you can imagine what they will say. A common opinion is that skiing is arguably easier to pick up but more difficult to master, snowboarding might not be as easy to learn but considered easier to master.

It is sometimes difficult to get a neutral and well-informed answer to which is better.  That is why we have come up with the pros and cons of both…

The main pros and cons to bear in mind – 

Snowboarding Pros

  • Walking in snowboarding boots is much easier than walking in ski boots and you won’t walk like a baby giraffe! They aren’t the most comfortable boots to walk in, but it’s much easier to get around
  • There’s no way to can fly down a slope while getting further into doing the splits
  • Boots, boards and bindings are more often than not cheaper than the equivalents for skiing

Snowboarding Cons

  • There’s potential you can get stuck on flat sections or when going uphill
  • Lifts are unfortunately designed for skiers, so this means that getting off the lift is more difficult for snowboarders in the beginning

Skiing Pros

  • Lifts are designed for skiers, so it is much easier to exit the lift with your skis on
  • Flat and uphill sections are easier to manoeuvre with your skis on

Skiing Cons

  • Walking in ski boots isn’t the easiest and it’s rather inelegant. Particularly when they have a layer of ice on the bottom!
  • Ski gear can often cost more than snowboarding gear, so don’t forget to bear that in mind

If you’re looking for more information on the pros and cons, take a look at this article.

Your first week on the snow

For the first few days, skiing will seem easier to learn than snowboarding, this is mainly because skiing is more instinctive for beginners than snowboarding. There is no specific amount of time it takes to learn to snowboard or ski but there are some common considerations when learning…


During the first-week skiing is a lot of fun, many people take to it quickly. The first few days you’ll take your first turns on the beginner slopes and by the end of the week, you may even progress to a blue piste.

When you are skiing your legs remain separated at low speeds and you can regain balance by moving one leg out if you begin to fall. It is a straightforward, straight-on stance so as a beginner you have total peripheral vision and can see exactly where you are going.



The first week of snowboarding is a bit different. During the first couple of days, you will fall a lot, for most people, it takes a couple of days before they quickly start to progress at snowboarding.

It can feel awkward at first, your feet are attached to a board which is restrictive. Unfortunately, when you start to fall there is very little you can do to prevent it. The stance is side on which means less peripheral vision, travelling down slopes with only around 50% vision can take some getting used to.

We recommend you get some padding for your first week of snowboarding. Protective shorts with pads across the back and sides as well as kneepads will cushion any falls you take.

Becoming a master of the sport

The real test of skiing happens after the first couple of days, to build on the basic skill level takes longer than it does for snowboarders. Although having separate skis on each leg is initially a benefit it becomes problematic when having to move both legs at the same time and in symmetry.

Progression when learning to ski is likely to take longer than when you are learning to snowboard. Snowplough (pizza) is a beginner technique where the skier learns downhill skiing braking and turning. The front ski tips are together with the tails spread apart. A skier will be lucky to progress past this within the first week. On the other hand, although it is more technically difficult, when a skier starts to go on the blue and red runs they will find it challenging which can be very rewarding in the end.

When skiing it takes time to perfect the technical sport and requires continuous improvement to master the turns, whereas snowboarding is much easier to master.

skier and snowboarder

Off-Piste or On Piste

Off-piste is literally what it says in the name, where you are skiing away from marked pistes, whereas on piste is when you ski/snowboard on the main ski pistes which are flat and firm.

Note: When skiing or snowboarding off pistes can be highly dangerous therefore you should only go with a qualified mountain guide!

Fitness Factor

A key part of being a good skier and snowboarder is being fit. Skiing can be more demanding on the legs/thighs to start with, however, snowboarding involves a lot of core strength especially when it comes to turning and balancing as the upper body is needed more. Developing your overall fitness is beneficial to be good at the sports but there are also some other exercises you can do to get in shape.


Before you begin skiing it is recommended for you to develop the strength in your legs by taking up cycling or any other general leg strengthening exercises. Cycling is a lower impact sport in comparison to running so will put less pressure on knees and joints. Even though you will feel stiff and suffer from aching legs when you start skiing overall it is a good choice if you are worried about fitness.


Progress your core strength by doing Pilates or simple crunches, focus on your abdominal muscles and lower back will develop your balance and prevent injury. Out of season why not try paddle boarding which offers a great core workout.

Keep in mind that it is typical to fall quite hard when snowboarding, so being in good physical shape is beneficial when learning. Complete beginners will find it tough but make sure you keep trying, once you are up and going the fitness level required is similar.


If you’re looking for comfort, then snowboarding is the winner!!! Anyone who has tried Ski boots will know they aren’t the most comfortable footwear especially when walking around the town in them. On the other hand, snowboard boots are softer making them easier to walk in. Another bonus to snowboarding is you only need to carry the board with you.

Has this helped you decide whether you want to give skiing or snowboarding a go? If so, don’t forget you can book your ski/snowboarding lessons online!

Still undecided?

If you don’t want to take our word for it, we have asked the experts from our favourite snow schools and this is what they had to say –

At a beginner level, skiing is easier to learn as you have two planks, rather than one and an easier position to balance. At a higher level, skiing is harder to finesse for the average client, compared to snowboarding. If people have skateboarded or wake surfed etc in the past, they may take more easily to snowboarding compared to others purely because of the similar muscle memories.
Altitude Ski & Snowboard School in Verbier


Most people find skiing easier to pick up to start with because you can still move both legs and feet independently. Once you have mastered how to stay balanced on a board the learning curve for snowboarding speeds up. If you can roller skate, roller blade or ice skate then skiing might be easier for you, and equally, if you can skateboard, wakeboard or surf then you might pick up snowboarding faster. Whichever you choose, both skiing and snowboarding are brilliant fun to learn and it just keeps getting better as you improve.
Summit Ski & Snowboard School, Zermatt

North American Ski Season Dates for 2018/19

North American Ski Season Dates for 2018/19

The best time of the year is almost here.  Some ski resorts across Colorado and Canada are already open and others are beginning to open.  It can often be difficult trawling the internet to try and find ski resort opening dates.  Here at Ski-Lifts, we thought we’d make it easier for you and we did the work for you.  Below is a list of the opening dates for the most popular ski resorts in North America.  Including; ski season dates in CanadaUSA.

Just take a look at the list below to find out when the ski season starts in; Canada & USA.  It’s never too early to book your next ski holiday, so get your woolly hats and boots at the ready, your flights booked, accommodation arranged, ski equipment hired, ski passes paid for and of course, your airport transfer arranged from airport to ski resort.



Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Lake Louise09/11/201805/05/2019

USA (Colorado)

Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Beaver Creek11/21/201804/14/2019
Copper Mountain11/16/201804/21/2019

USA (Utah)

Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Deer Valley08/12/201804/07/2019
Park City11/21/201804/07/2019

PLEASE NOTE – Dates may be subject to change

Top 25 Ski Blogs

Top 25 Ski Blogs

We love skiing and I’m sure you do too! We thought it was about time we shared our favourite ski blogs… These blogs deserved to be awarded, that’s why we’ve created this list of the ‘Top 25 Ski Blogs’. Find out who our panellist picked as the top 25 ski blogs around at the moment… Find out everything you need to know about the best time and place to book your ski holiday, the best gear to buy, ski/snowboarding stories and even snow forecasts. Whether you’re heading to Morzine, Val Thorens, Keystone or anywhere else, you’ll find much of what you need to know on these blogs!

To everyone included in the rankings…

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So what are the Top 25 Best Ski Blogs? Let’s find out!

The Best 25 Ski Blogs

1. Snow Brains

Californian born Miles Clark and Eric Bryant started in March 2013. Their main hobbies are skiing, mountain biking, surfing, studying, writing and travelling. The main aim of this blog is to keep you informed, to satisfy your desire to learn about skiing in an easily digestible way.

2. Wild Snow

Louis Dawson was the first person to ski down all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, otherwise known as the Fourteeners. He is the author of numerous books about ski touring and his opinion blog says everything you need to know about backcountry skiing. He is passionate about all outdoor recreation including alpinism, climbing, mountaineering and skiing.
3. New Generation

New Gen was set up by Tom in 1998 to ensure ski lessons are enjoyable. Four instructors from Courchevel came together to offer ski coaching, they are passionate about delivering incredible mountain experiences and have created a blog around it.
4. Bansko Blog

Lance Nelson writes articles that help your search for the best value available in Bansko. The Blog reflects his passions for the outdoors and the winter ski season.
5. Ski Diva is a community of women who share a passion for skiing. The female focussed blog means women can talk about skiing in a way they can relate to without it being male orientated.
6. Snow Guide

Snowboard editor Mark Barber has joined forces with Robert Stewart a qualified ISIA ski instructor and ski journalist to create the snowsports website the Snow.Guide.
7. Brave Ski Mom

The author of Brave Ski Mom is Kristen, from western Colorado. She has a passion for skiing and providing families with advice on ski adventures.
 8. Snoworks

Snoworks was co-founded by Phil Smith in late 80’s as the first ever ‘ski courses’ company. It has since evolved and transformed the abilities and experiences of thousands of skiers. As the UK’s leading providers of all-mountain ski courses to destinations around the world, Snoworks hand picks, highly qualified and passionate coaches.
9. Pugski

Pugski talks about Ski at the highest level. covers all things skiing related from essential Ski gear to the best ski clubs.
10. Pure Powder

Director Charlie Brooksbank is an enthusiastic skier, having skied all over the world. Pure powder specialises in organising powder skiing experiences all around the world.
11. Henry’s Avalanche Talk

Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) helps skiers with their quest for an extraordinary off-piste experience. The blog provides training and helpful information for skiers who wish to go off piste without any fear.
12. Dave Searle

Dave Searle from Devon is a 26-year-old skier and climber. Currently living in the Mountain Mecca of Chamonix Mt Blanc he uses his blog to post pictures, stories, videos or even some wise words.
13. Dustin Cook

29-year-old, Dustin Cook, from Ottawa is a full-time drone photographer and a part-time world cup winning ski racer. Dustin blogs about his skiing achievements.
14. The Roving Puffin

Amelie and Yannick are the authors behind The Roving Puffin. They are both passionate about travel, sports, food and all things life has to offer. They met during their travels in 2013 and like to photograph landscapes.
15. State of the Backcountry

Brennan Lagasse is a professional educator, writer, ski guide, athlete and sometimes photographer from West Shore, Lake Tahoe, California.
16. Lorne Cameron

Lorne Cameron from Glasgow has lived and skied all over the world. Currently settled in Chamonix the blog aims to show photos as well as inform, inspire, entertain and act as a personal archive.
17. Snow Bistro

Founded by Richard Patey, internet marketer and lifelong skier. Snow Bistro creates fresh UK snow sports content on interesting and informative stories relating to UK skiers and snowboarders. Patey works alongside Gavin Robbie, content editor and content contributor, Loulou Bayliss.
18. Where is Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller has created the backcountry initiative “Where is Kyle Miller?”. The project is dedicated to exploring new lines and dramatic descents in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
19. Annie Hart

Annie Hart is a keen cross-country skier from Stillwater, MN. She began skiing at St. Paul Academy & Summit School and trained with the Minneapolis Ski Club. She now trains with the SMS Elite ski team in Stratton, VT, coached by Patrick O’Brien.
20. Real Deep Snow

Real Deep Snow is a blog written by Cory Miller. The blog covers topics on skiing and mountain life. Here you can find out about backcountry skiing as well as gear reviews.
21. Ski Shoeing

Skishoes combine ski and snowshoes for the efficiency and fun of skis with the ease and mobility of snowshoes. The short wide skis can be bought through Altai Skis and are called Hoks. The blog focuses on the adventures that can be had with Skishoes which are designed to help you get around in snow efficiently, quickly while still being fun.
22. Adventure Skier is an informative and evolving source of information for skiers based in north-eastern US/Canada and beyond. The site is written by keen skiers Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson who are based in Vermont.
23. Joe Hides

Joe Hides is from Sheffield, UK. He is a pro skier who creates vlogs on skiing and fresh content including news and updates.
24. Simon Les Arcs

Simon Atkinson blogs about mainly about sports which include local skiing and cycling. Additionally, he likes to discuss architecture and politics as well.
Website: simon-lesarcs.blogspot
25. Eddie Gildea

Eddie Gildea from Greater Boston participated in a range of sports as a teen with a primary focus on skiing. At 17 he had his big breakthrough skiing on the professional circuit, with numerous top ten results against the best skiers in the world. In 2015 he finished 4th at Total Fight in Andorra, and 9th at the Dumont Cup, leading to his selection to the US Ski Team. At this point, he was ranked 29th in the world and 5th for under 18s.

European Ski Season Dates for 2018/19

European Ski Season Dates for 2018/19

The best time of the year is almost here.  Some ski resorts in Europe are already open and others are beginning to open.  It can often be difficult trawling the internet to try and find ski resort opening dates.  Here at Ski-Lifts, we thought we’d make it easier for you and we did the work for you.  Below is a list of the opening dates for the most popular ski resorts in Europe.  Including; ski season dates in France, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Just take a look at the list below to find out when the ski season starts in; France, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.  It’s never too early to book your next ski holiday, so get your woolly hats and boots at the ready, your flights booked, accommodation arranged, ski equipment hired, ski passes paid for and of course, your airport transfer arranged from airport to ski resort.



Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
The Grandvalira ski area01/12/201822/04/2019


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Bad Kleinkirchheim07/12/201807/04/2019
Hintertux1/12/201822/04/2019Glacier open all year round
Kitzbühel13/10/2018 (estimated)01/05/2019 (estimated)
Solden15/11/201828/04/2019Glacier planned to open on 17/09/2018 – depending on snow conditions
St Anton30/11/201828/04/2019


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Borovets16/12/2018 (estimated)17/04/2019 (estimated)


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Alpe d’Huez01/12/201827/04/2019
Chamonix09/12/2018 (estimated)22/04/2019 (estimated)
Flaine22/12/201822/04/2019Partial opening from 15/12/2018 – depending on snow conditions
La Plagne15/12/201827/04/2019
Les Arcs15/12/201827/04/2019
La Clusaz16/12/2018TBC
La Tania15/12/201822/04/2019
Les Gets22/12/201814/04/2019Partial opening from 15/12/2018 – depending on snow conditions
Les Menuires08/12/201822/04/2019
Serre Chevalier15/12/201822/04/2019
Tignes24/11/2018 (estimated)01/05/2019 (estimated)
Val d’Isere24/11/201822/04/2019
Val Thorens17/11/201805/05/2019Partial opening from 17/11/2018 – depending on snow conditions


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Alta Badia01/12/201807/04/2019
Madonna di Campiglio21/12/201811/03/2019
Selva Val Gardena06/12/201808/04/2019


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Kranjska GoraTBCTBC


Ski ResortOpening DateClosing DateAdditional Info
Davos Klosters23/11/201822/04/2019
Saas Fee14/07/201828/04/2019
Verbier01/12/2018 (estimated)29/04/2019 (estimated)
ZermattThe Matterhorn, Gornergrat and Rothorn glacial areas are open 365 days per year.

PLEASE NOTE – Dates may be subject to change

Don’t forget you can get an instant quote and book online using our easy to use booking system. New for the 18/19 season, we’re offering new routes in North America with; shuttles from Denver to Beaver Creek, Denver to Breckenridge shuttles, Denver to Vail shuttles, Denver to Aspen shuttles, Denver to Keystone shuttles & many more routes.