You can do this in one of two ways;
If you would all like to wait for each other and travel together, you would use the latest arrival time as the flight time and note the other flight times & numbers in the notes on your booking.
If each member of the group would prefer to leave as soon as possible and not wait for the others, you would need to book individual journey legs for each of the different flights/groups that wish to leave together. You can do this all on the same booking. If there is more than one flight on the booking, please remember to put the latest flight time down as the arrival time and make a note of the other flight times & numbers in the comments box so we can track all flights in case of delays.
The same principal applies for the return journey, if the group are all travelling together; use the time of the first flight to depart, so we base your pick up time on this and ensure they get to the airport in plenty of time for their flight check in.
If this all gets too complicated, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you in making the booking.