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Due to its high altitude and narrow access road, Avoriaz can occasionally be very difficult to access especially on very snowy days. On these occasions, we may have to find alternative transport options to ensure you get to resort safely and in the most suitable way. In these situations, we would normally take you to the Prodains Telepherique (Avoriaz Cable Car) and you would catch this up to the resort. If there is an additional cost involved, Ski-Lifts will happily provide you with a letter for your travel insurance, explaining the reasons for the expense, so you can claim this back.
If you are due to depart from resort, we will contact you in advance of your pick up time, if we believe there may be a problem accessing the resort and make alternative arrangements with you.


As Avoriaz is a car free resort, we cannot drive you directly to your accommodation, so you will need to choose one of two drop off or pick up points for your transfer and to do this, it is best to know where your accommodation is situated in the resort.

The Avoriaz Cablecar (Prodains Telepherique) offers more convenient access to the lower end of the resort. There is a cost for the cable car (around 6 Euros per person each way), although if you already have your lift pass this can be used. The transfer time is approximately 20-30 minutes less if you choose to go to the cable car.
Please note, the cable car may not work for late arrivals and early departures as it may not be open, so we would advise you to check the opening times before booking your transfer.

If you are staying in the top area of the resort, it is better to choose Avoriaz and you will be dropped off at the Welcome Centre, at the entrance to the resort, near to the Falaise area.

Transport is provided by Avoriaz at both the top of the cable car and the Welcome Centre and will cost you roughly 8€ to be taken to your accommodation.

For more detailed advice on whether to book your transfer to Avoriaz, or the Avoriaz Cable Car, click here.