Ordinarily we use 8-seater vehicles, so any group up to this number on a private transfer would normally travel together in one vehicle. One exception to this rule is if you select a transfer type that specifies a different vehicle type. Coaches for example carry more people, or a Limousine which would generally be smaller.

For example, you are a group of 10 people and have booked a standard vehicle;

If you book a private transfer, all 10 of you will leave in two private minibuses as soon as you arrive, and be picked up for your return trip at exactly the same time. You can spread the group over both minibuses, however you would like.

If you book a shared transfer for 10 people, you will be split into 2 vehicles (normally as an 8 and 2 people on a second vehicle). You may not all leave at the same time, but it will be within the maximum waiting time as detailed on the transfer description on the booking form.
For your departure back to the airport, we always attempt to pick up the whole group at the same time, but sometimes this is not possible and the groups may depart at slightly different times. We inform you of the pickup times for the whole group the day before you are due to depart in the normal way.

If you have a specific question regarding your group, please contact us and our team will be happy to advise.