Want to submit a guest post to the Ski-Lifts blog?

Here are our guidelines and conditions. Please read them carefully before submitting your blog post.


Ski-Lifts is an award-winning airport transfer company with a blossoming community of ski and snowboarding customers.

We’re always looking for contributors to who can offer our customers expert industry insights. 

If you have sublime writing skills and would like a platform to share your expertise with an engaged audience, we’d love to hear from you. 

Please take a couple of minutes to review this page as it should give you an idea of what kind of content we are looking for. 

Minimum criteria for posts

Our successful guest contributions are:

  • Comprehensive (at least 600 words)
  • Fact or stat-driven
  • Interesting and/or informative
  • Include strong visuals

We’re interested in publishing any topic that our customers care about, which could include things like ski resorts/snowboarding/skiing tips, trends and advice, amongst other things. 

Here are some prerequisites for anything we publish:

  • Only original concepts and trends analysis. We won’t repost anything previously published elsewhere. 
  • High-quality writing that reflects the Ski-Lifts tone and style. We’re quite casual but always polite and helpful and try to avoid buzzwords. 
  • All sources, including data, quotes or other external references must be properly attributed.
  • Only one link to your brand’s site in the body of the post. 
  • Proper attribution and permissions for any imagery included in posts

Posts we won’t accept

We typically won’t accept:

  • Topics we have previously covered on our blog. Please research this beforehand.
  • Posts that are advertorial or branded content by nature.
  • Writing that is offensive, inaccurate or overly critical of third parties.
  • Obvious link-building content.

Conditions of publishing

If your article meets our editorial standards and is alignment with our content goals, we will keep you updated when it will be published.

We reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest post at any time and make future updates to maintain relevancy.

Published works must not be reposted on any other source, including your own website, LinkedIn or blogging sites. 

Ski-Lifts reserves the right to add hyperlinks, CTA buttons, advertisements and any other content deemed appropriate.