Where can I go skiing 2020/21 if I’m travelling from Ireland?

Where can I go skiing if I’m travelling from Ireland? Ireland’s response to the coronavirus has been fairly exemplary in terms of digital resources, following the majority of global response models by using the secure, Apple and Google ready-made track and trace apps. Irish holidaymakers also have access to a free Government-made travel safety app called TravelWise, which contains all-round, real-time personal safety information about the country they’re visiting, as well as the current Covid-19 restrictions from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Holiday makers have also been invited to stay in contact with their Irish Embassy whenever and wherever they’re travelling to, as an extra safety precaution.

Of course, ensuring you have your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) renewed and up to date will be of paramount importance anyway, regardless of restrictions.

The list of countries that you are allowed to visit is based on a traffic light system (Green, Orange, Red) which is updated every Thursday, with any arrivals and departure changes at all ports and airports taking effect the following Monday.

NB: At the time of writing, there are no longer any countries on the Green list as per the spike of Coronavirus cases throughout Europe. This means all non-essential travel is against DFA advice, and will not be insurable while Ireland is on lockdown.


Where can I go skiing – if I’m travelling from Ireland uninsured, and if I follow the rules?

Irish snow-loving tourists – as soon as its OK to travel again – can visit the following on the basis of full personal risk and complying with local restrictions in place:

Sweden (light testing measures could be brought into most airports in the future)

Andorra  (you may be spot-tested at the airport if suspected of having symptoms on arrival)

Bulgaria (NB: rules transitioning: have proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours or less of arrival)

Italy (fill out form, have proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours or less of your departure date)

Germany (fill out form, take the test, register travel info with Customs Health Officials, self isolate for 14 days)

Switzerland (self isolate for 10 days, register travel info at Customs)

Norway (quarantine in Norway for 10 days, you may need to take a test)

Slovenia (show proof of negative PCR taken in the Schengen area within 48 hours before arrival, or, self-isolate for 10 days)

Poland (Flights only permitted into 3 territories, but internal travel and rail links are open)


Airport Transfers to Ski resorts


What if I’m travelling from Ireland outside of Europe?

Irish skiers and snowboarders sadly cannot go beyond Europe to ski or board right now – so this means USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are off the list.

Foreign Nationals In Ireland

You are advised to consult with your local Embassy first and then the DFA.

Non-Essential Travel and Insurance

All travel that is not repatriation, emergency, homebound/main residency travel or key-worker related is considered non-essential – much as it is in the UK and Northern Ireland.

In similar fashion, this also means some tour operators will have a tougher time being able to validate and insure travel properly unless the country is on the Green list. Travel insurance is still available – however most individuals will not be able to acquire valid insurance if they travel against Foreign Affairs advice.

Again, this is similar to UK policy, where repatriation and emergency medical are covered by insurers only if you are travelling somewhere that is considered safe for non-essential travel, otherwise it is invalidated.

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