The Best Places to Ski in June, July and August

The Best Places to Ski in Europe in June, July and August


Think ski holidays are only in winter? Not in Europe! Home to some incredible glacier ski resorts, you can still hit the slopes when the sun is shining. With some of the best summer ski resorts located in Austria, France and Switzerland, we’ve shared the best places you can ski in Europe in June, July and August.

Summer Ski

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Summer skiing in Austria

Stubai Glacier, Austria

Open: 7th May 2018 to mid-June 2018 (Date TBC)

Nearest Airport: Innsbruck Airport

Transfer Time: Transfers from Innsbruck Airport to Stubai take approximately 1 hour.

If you thought spending a full day on the slopes in Europe wasn’t possible past May, you’re wrong. Stubai is Austria’s largest glacier skiing area and has 1,450 hectares of slopes which includes 62kms of groomed runs and 26 lifts. Classed as the ‘spring season’ you’ll be able to enjoy cheaper lift passes and fewer crowds.

Other activities include climbing, enjoying the viewing platform, hiking tours and geocaching.

Stubai Glacier

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Hintertux, Austria

Open: 12th May 2018 to October 12th 2018 (Summer Season)

Nearest Airport: Innsbruck Airport

Transfer Time: Transfers from Innsbruck Airport to Hintertux take approximately 1 hour 35 minutes.

Remaining 365 days a year, Hintertux is the ultimate destination for a summer ski holiday. Although its known for its challenging, steep terrain, its 22km of runs cater to a range of abilities. Betterpark is perfect for freestylers and features a half-pipe, table-tops, rails and fun boxes.

Other highlights in the resort include Nature’s Ice Palace, a beautiful glacial crevasse with ice stalactites, ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and a glacial lake. You can also do a took of Spannagel Cave, Europe’s highest altitude publicly accessible cave or enjoy the incredible views from the Panorama Terrace.


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Summer skiing in France

Tignes, France

Open: 24th June 2018 – 6th August 2017

Nearest Airport: Geneva Airport

Transfer Time: Transfers from Geneva Airport to Tignes take approximately 2hours 50 minutes

One of the most popular ski resorts in the Alps, Tignes offers a summer skiing until the beginning of August. The 20km of pistes of the Grande Motte Glacier offers a variety of terrain (blue, red and black runs), all accessed by chairlifts and drags. In addition, the Glacier Snowpark is a popular choice for amateurs and pros, featuring a half-pipe, rails, moguls, a hip ramp, quarter-ramps and a rainbow rail.

Other activities to get involved with include the bike park, archery, golf, hiking, climbing, rafting, white water swimming, horse riding and fishing. Visitors can also have fun in Acroland where you can slide, or ride, down a ramp and into Tignes’ Lake.

Tignes Snowboarder

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Les Deux Alpes, France

Open: 23rd June 2018 to 26th August 2018

Nearest Airport: Geneva Airport

Transfer Time: Transfers from Geneva Airport to Les Deux Alpes take approximately 3 hours 30 minutes

Guaranteeing natural snow on a glacier sitting at an altitude 3,600 metres, Les 2 Alpes is a great option for summer skiing. Open from 7.30am to 12.30pm during the summer ski season, visitors have the chance to ski one of the largest summer ski areas in Europe. Opening Glacier 3200 – 3600, the summer area features 1 red run, 9 blue runs and 1 green, served by 2 chair lifts, 8 ski tows, 2 gondola lifts, 1 cable car, 2 drag lifts, 1 funicular lift and an elevator. In addition, the Snowpark is open, complete with a superpipe and big air.

Other activities include hiking, mountain biking, climbing and paragliding.

Les Deux Alpes

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Summer skiing in Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Open: 23rd June 2018 – 31st October 2018

Nearest Airport: Milan Malpensa Airport

Transfer Time: Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Zermatt take approximately 2 hours 50 minutes.

Based on the Theodul Glacier, you can still ski, snowboard and freestyle up to midday. Europe’s highest and biggest summer ski resort, visitors can enjoy 21km of pistes in addition to the Summer Snowpark. Guaranteeing snow cover all year, summer skiing in Zermatt attracts international athletes, with over 100 teams from 22 nations using the slopes to train for the winter season.

In addition to skiing, visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, dirt scooter riding, kick biking and mountain carts.


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Saas Fee, Switzerland

Open: 14th July 2018 – 31st October 2018

Nearest Airport: Geneva Airport

Transfer Time: Transfers from Geneva Airport to Saas Fee take approximately 3 hours.

Sitting at an altitude of 3600m, skiing at Saas Fee is the perfect way to cool down this summer. National and international teams head to the 20km of diverse glacier pistes offered at the resort, in addition to the Freestyle Park. Featuring kickers, rails, boxes and transitions, the park is everything you need to prepare you for the winter season.

Apart from skiing, Saas Fee offers a wide variety of activities including mountain tours, hiking, mountain biking, boccia, volleyball, golf and Nordic walking.

Saas Fee

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We hope this post has inspired you to visit Europe for a summer ski holiday!

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Chasing the snow – summer skiing in Europe

Chasing the snow – Summer Skiing in Europe

You may think that’s it for Skiing after the winter season ends and fear the price tags for jet-setting to Australia, New Zealand or South America may be too much to stomach. Fear not, here is a rundown of the places you can catch some snow closer to home this summer.

You have to go high (over 2500m at least) but glacier skiing is definitely worth a trip, with resorts offering more and more each year. This sort of holiday is great if you missed out on the traditional winter season and the beauty of all of these resorts is that you can combine a summer and a winter holiday, with most offering a package price that gives you access to the whole mountain with other terrains for mountain biking and hiking available lower down.

Here are some of the major summer skiing resorts and the lift opening dates and lift pass prices for 2018.

Tignes – June 24th to August 6th
There is 20km worth of slopes up on the Grand Motte glacier, they even have a terrain park and around 12 lifts running in the summer, take the funicular train from Val Claret to get access. Or why not try out Acroland on the lake, if you fancy hurtling down a ramp into the icy waters (on your choice of bike, skis or even just your stomach!)

Prices from €25 for a one day pass.

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Hintertux – May 9th to October 9th
Here you will find 60km of varied pistes, the park is still open with a huge superpipe, plus rails and boxes, plus access to some freeride terrain. Hintertux even offers a tour inside the glacier (Nature Ice Palace) with ice chambers and deeper into the caves with stalagmites and stalactites to see.

Prices from €31 for a one day pass.

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Saas Fee – 21st June – 23rd September
It is worth a visit simply for the incredible view to be seen from the top of the revolving restaurant. Saas Fees Allalin Glacier may be one of the more expensive summer ski stops but the pistes don’t disappoint, neither will the snow conditions at a massive 3,600m you’ll see plenty of ski teams race training as the conditions here are second to none, the glacier offers 20km of slopes suitable for all levels.

Prices from CHF73 for a one day pass.

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Les Deux Alpes – June 23rd – September 2nd
Les Deux Alpes also boasts a height 3,600m and the lifts are open from 7 am till 12.30 to ensure the snow conditions are good. They have 17 lifts open made up mainly of drag lifts and a couple of chair lifts. The terrain is more focused on beginner-intermediate levels with mostly blue runs available however their snow park remains open and it is one of the best.

Prices from €40.50 for a one day pass.

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Stubai – May 5th to July 3rd
Stubai has a massive 62km of runs open until July, one of which is 10km long! There is a good range of challenging pistes including one black run and the lift prices are also very reasonable considering the slopes are open all day. A little lower down there is also ice grotto and kids playground.

Prices from €36.60 for a one day pass.


Zermatt – May – November
Zermatt’s glacier – Theodul reaches 3,883m with 21km of groomed slopes and plenty to do for freestyle skiers and boarders in the Snowpark  -which offers a half pipe, boxes and rails. The view of the Matterhorn and surrounding mountains is worth the trip and it is also a popular place for ski race training.

Prices from CHF84 for a day pass.

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Cervinia – June 30th to September 9th
Breil Cervinia, on the Plateau Rosa Glacier, reaches 3,480 and offers great conditions for summer skiers. It is one of the biggest summer skiing areas as it also grants access to Zermatt’s pistes.  The ‘Indianpark’ (freestyle Snowpark) is also considered one of the best parks in the Alps.

Prices from €32 for a day pass.

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So, get yourself out to the Alps this summer where you can ride the pistes or park in the mornings, before enjoying an afternoon of alpine activities (and there is a lot to offer, just check out our previous blog entries and summer pages to see how much!). And of course, Ski-Lifts can get you to any of these places with our transfers throughout the summer.