Become an Affiliate

Maximise your commission potential when selling ski transfers

Selling ski transfers as an affiliate is an easy way for you to develop an additional revenue stream by earning commission, but also a way to provide added value for your customers with an option to book a travel essential via a world renowned and trusted airport transfer supplier, Ski-Lifts.

We work with a variety of different types of companies as affiliates, who utilise the tools we provide in different ways.

To give a couple of examples of what can be achieved:

· Last winter, our top performing affiliate had a conversion rate of 43% of traffic to confirmed booking, with an average order value over 1,000 Euros. They achieved this, by promoting the transfers in extremely targeted ways for customers who needed a solution to get to a specific resort.

· Another client was able to generate 61 bookings, at an average order value of over 550€, by sharing some of the commission, as a discount with their customers, so adding value and therefore increasing sales, achieving a conversion rate of over 20%.

With commission of up to 10%, it is proven that with a big enough potential audience and the correct marketing of the service, it is possible to earn several thousand pounds in commission over a winter as an affiliate with Ski-Lifts.

The Ski Lifts Partnership team is here to help get you started so that you can maximise commission from Day 1!

Become an AffiliateTop Tips to maximise your commission

The key to achieving the highest conversion rates and maximising your commission, is based on what you actively do. Here are a few tips that we know work well.

· Make it as visible as possible that customers can book transfers through your link – if links are on pages on your website that don’t get much traffic, they will not generate sales for you

· Embedding a widget onto your site with only 4 lines of code, makes it even more visible and saves the customer some clicks. You can even save a couple more clicks by pre-loading the widget with relevant destinations you are promoting

· Proactive messaging, through social media or marketing emails – this is a quick and easy way to get the message out that customers can book transfers to specific resorts for example through your link

· Think about the buying cycle – if a customer has booked accommodation through you for example and you send confirmation emails, or pre-travel checklists, well positioned links on these emails for the transfers will have a high success rate, but you are also continuing to help your customers by suggesting a reliable solution for them

These are just a few examples and your account manager will be happy to discuss other ideas with you, so don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to get set up on the ski-Lifts affiliate programme now.


If you’re a business who is set up for working through affiliate networks, then you have the option to sign up for our affiliate program through Affiliate Future.

In short, if you’re a business who offers discounts, vouchers etc. Then Affiliate Future is the perfect option for you.  You can enjoy;

Your own personalised dashboard

Detailed reporting

Affiliate Future support

Regular payments

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