How to Book


How to book your airport transfer

We have tried to build our booking system to be quick and easy for you to use.
Here is how to make your booking:

Step 1: Go to the Quote Generator. Click on the From box and start typing the name of the airport/resort/train station that you will be starting your transfer from, a drop down list will appear, click on the one you want. Do this again in the To section.

Choose the outward & departure dates. If you are just booking a one way transfer, leave the return date blank.
Choose the number of passengers travelling, by inputting the number of adults and the number of children in the relevant boxes.
Enter the flight arrival & departure times in the relevant boxes.

Once all this information has been filled in, click on Get Quote.

Step 2: This will take you through to the new booking page and shows the transfer type options and prices.
Prices shown are per person, you can see the total amount by clicking on the transfer type and the total amount will be shown in the green box below. Prices will be given in GBP, but you can change this to another currency by using the Selected Currency drop down menu.

To choose the transfer type, click on the relevant box at the top of the page.
If you want to book one transfer type on arrival and a different one on departure, for example a private transfer on arrival and a shared on the departure leg, you can select this in the booking details, using the Transfer Type tab. To view the transfer type description, click on the blue question mark, next to the Transfer Type box.

If you are booking a scheduled shuttle, you will need to choose the time of the shuttle from the options on the drop down menu.

If there is a transfer type that is only available for one leg of the journey, based on the availability of transfers for your travel dates or times, then a warning will pop up to tell you this. The transfer type will not be offered at the top of the page, but you will be able to choose it from the drop down list within the booking form.

Fill in the accommodation name & address, flight number & arrival time and the name and mobile number of the lead passenger.

If there are children in your group, you will need to fill in the Child Age and Seat types boxes, for each child travelling.

If you are travelling with skis & snowboards, or bikes, please specify the number in the relevant box.
If there is any additional information required, please write this in the notes section.

Once all of the details have been completed on Leg 1, click on Leg 2 to enter the departure journey details.

If you need to add another journey to the booking, click on Add Leg and fill in the information as before. You will then need to click on Recalculate Now, to update the price.

Once these details have been entered and you are ready to confirm the booking, click on the Make Bookingbutton.

Step 3: This will take you through to a summary of your booking, so you can check the booking details to ensure they are correct, before finalising the booking and making payment.

If at this point, you need to change something on your booking, click Change my Options and this will take you back to the booking form again.
You then need to check the boxes for agreeing to the T&Cs and Transfer rules.

Once you are happy that your booking is correct and all details are completed, click on the Confirm & Pay buttonand this will take you through to the payment page.

Step 4: You will now be asked to login. If you have previously booked with us then you should have username (normally your email address) and password and you can use these.
If it is the first time booking with us, click to Register and then fill in the form and you will have a login and password created and emailed to you for future use.

Step 5: You have now been transferred to Paypal who handle all of our payments.
You can choose to pay using your Paypal account, or by using a debit or credit card.

Once you have completed the payment, you will now see that your booking has been successful. At this point you will receive an email booking confirmation from us, which includes all of your transfer information, details of what to do at the airport and any contact numbers you may require. Please check these details carefully.

Now, you simply follow the instructions when you arrive at the airport to locate your driver. For your return journey you will receive an SMS the afternoon before you are due to depart confirming your exact pick up time.

We hope you find this guide useful, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require any assistance.