If you are travelling to or from an airport or train station, on a private transfer, it is possible for you to select a pick up time, instead of giving a flight time.

To do this, simply enter the time here on the quote generator. On the next page you will have the option to check a box indicating that this time is your chosen pick up time and not a flight or train time.

Please note, that if you are arriving or departing by plane or train, we strongly advise you give us your actual arrival/departure time and allow us to schedule your transfer based on the expected traffic and weather conditions.

If you are travelling on a shared transfer it is unfortunately not possible to specify a pick up time and you must give us flight details. If you are not travelling on a flight, please estimate a flight time and then put in the notes that you are not flying and approximately what time you would like to be at the airport. Normal shared transfer rules for waiting times will apply.