How to Get to Breckenridge From Denver


Airport transportation to Breckenridge from Denver & Eagle airports

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It’s easier than ever to book your vacation separately and we can’t blame you! It is becoming more popular for people to arrange vacation’s themselves rather than going through a tour operator.

There is one question which often pops up – what is the easiest and most cost-effective way to travel to Colorado ski resorts?!

There are plenty of ways to travel but knowing which option to take may be the difference between a brilliant or a nightmare start to your much-valued vacation. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through all the options available to you with the pros and cons of each.


There are a few options when it comes to flying to airports Breckenridge:

Denver Eagle
2hrs 1hr30mins
105km 72km

For most people, it is easiest to fly to Denver when they travel to Breckenridge. There are fewer snowstorms in winter at Denver Airport (DIA) and it is in operation in most conditions unless it is extreme.

Shuttles & Private Transportation from the Airport to Breckenridge

This is where we come in. You can easily book a Denver Airport shuttle or Eagle Airport shuttle to Breckenridge.

Transportation options are available to suit all budgets, with transportation ranging from cheap yet reliable shared shuttles all the way to executive and luxury transportation, as well as everything in between. The choice is all yours.

When it comes to the least hassle, a shuttle with Ski-Lifts is by far your best option. You will be met by your driver at Denver Airport. Then it’s a case of relaxing and letting the driver do the rest of the work until you arrive at your accommodation in Breckenridge.

Hassle-free especially applies to you if you’re planning on bringing your own skis. All our shuttles to Breckenridge include ski carriages, so you can bring them on the transfer for free.

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Minimum journey time – 2hrs.

Pros –

Tick Suits any budget
Tick Hassle-free
Tick Carry extra luggage for free
Tick Door-to-door
Tick Book beforehand

Public Transport to Breckenridge

Taking the train from Denver to Breckenridge is not an option. You can board a train operated by Amtrack from Denver to Winter Park and Glenwood Springs which offers scenic views but there is not a drop-off point near Breckenridge. One option is to take the public bus from Denver which isn’t as convenient when traveling with luggage.

Minimum journey time by bus – 2 hours 30 mins.

Pros –

Tick Cheap

Cons –

cross Long journey time
cross Not door-to-door
cross May struggle with extra luggage

Driving to Breckenridge

There are plenty of rental companies based at Denver Airport so if you are planning on making your way around the state renting a car is a perfect option. You will have the freedom to travel whenever you want without having to worry about getting a plane, train, bus or shuttle. The main issue is Colorado can get very hectic during winter and summertime holidays or weekends and it can be stressful to find parking. That’s not to mention that if you’re not used to driving on mountain roads, these can be tricky to maneuver at the best of times.

Minimum journey time – 2 hours.

Pros –

Tick Flexibility

Cons –

cross Drive can be tiring
cross Relying on no traffic
cross Struggle with lots of luggage
cross Difficult driving on mountain roads

Traveling with Equipment

Not everyone travels with their own equipment, but some people choose to do so.


Many airlines offer the option to add sports luggage into your baggage for the flight. This does often come at an extra cost. It’s worth checking these details prior to booking your flight as it can vary from airline to airline.

Airport Transportation

Not all airport transportation companies cater to people bringing extra luggage. However, if you book your shuttle with Ski-Lifts you can bring your skis free of charge as well as one item of hold luggage. When you book your shuttle you can specify how many items of hold luggage and skis you would like to bring, that way we know in advance and can cater for your needs.

So, what’s the best way to get to Breckenridge?

We’ve given you the facts as well as the pros and cons of the different ways of traveling to Breckenridge. The question on your lips might be, what is the best way to get to Breckenridge?

If you’re traveling from outside Colorado, without a doubt, the quickest and easiest way to get to Breckenridge is to fly into Denver. Then take an airport shuttle from Denver with Ski-Lifts.

If you’re taking a shuttle, you will be collected from the arrivals hall at Denver Airport and taken to your accommodation in Breckenridge. Whatever your budget, Ski-Lifts have transportation options to suit your needs, with shuttles and private car transportation available!

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