Four Seasons in One Day!

The UK has seen spring weather even more bizarre than normal, with large parts of the country officially being in a drought and yet the wettest April on record!?!

But if you think the UK has strange weather, the Alps can top it!

Looking out of the window here in Morzine, we currently have clear blue skies and its shaping up to be a beautiful warm day.
But within the last few days we have seen the full spectrum of weather conditions, from sunshine like today, to torrential rain and on a couple of occassions even snow!!

But this spring weather shouldn’t last much longer. The reality of summer in the Alps is quite surprising if you’ve never visited before, with plenty of sunny days and quite high temperatures.

In Les Gets for example average temperature highs are around 25-26 Celsius, but can get into the 30’s.
On average there are 8-9 days with rain throughout each of the summer months, but very often these come in the form of spectacular electrical storms in the late afternoon or early evening, so they don’t stop you getting out and about – they are in fact a spectacle to enjoy in themselves (the noise and light seems amplified by being in an alpine valley).

Why visit the Alps in the summer?

There are a number of reasons to visit the Alps in the summer and we list a few on our website, on our summer pages and the events in the alps pages. This is by no means a comprehensive list, there is so much that you can get out and do and enough activities to keep people of all ages occupied. We offer transfers from plenty of airports in the Alps, including; Geneva Airport and many more.

Whether it is a relaxing holiday, taking in the scenery, enjoying some walking, swimming in the pristine lakes, or getting into some photography or painting – the alps surely can’t be beaten.

But if its an adrenaline holiday, taking in some downhill mountain biking on the world cup courses, a bit of white water rafting, rock climbing or chosing one of the many high altitude zip lines or bungees on offer in various resorts – its pretty difficult to think of where could be better than the alps.

There are plenty of events worth visiting in their own right.
The Tour de France is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and the mountain stages are where much of the action takes place.
As well as these big events, many of the villages and resorts throughout the mountains hold numerous small scale music, sports, arts and folk festivals of their own.
From the International Festival of Mechanical Music (Les Gets) to the annual bread festival (St Jean D’Aulps amongst others).

Two events in Chamonix this summer are of interest.
Over the bastille weekend in the middle of July Chamonix hosts the World Climbing Festival and at the same time as this, they are also running the annual Chamonix Beer Festival.
Towards the end of August a new event is being launched called the Chamonix Adventure Festival.

We’ll try to keep you posted about some of the things happening in the alps this summer, but the only way to really experience it is to get out here.

The Ski-Lifts Team