How will I find out my exact pickup time?

Ski-Lifts will send you an SMS message to the mobile phone number and email address in your booking form, by 17:00CET the day before your departure transfer.    Please wait until after 17:00 to enquire about your pick-up time.  If you don’t receive it by 18:00 please contact us.

You are also able to use your login details for our website to view your booking and this will also show the exact pickup time as soon as we have confirmed it.

If you have special requirements for your pick up time you should let us know at the time of booking and at least no later than 48-hours before your departure date. Once the pick-up time has been confirmed by us, it is unlikely to be changed.  Please note that if you request to leave later than the recommended time chosen by us, provided we can accommodate the change, you do so entirely at your own risk and we will not be held accountable for a missed flight as a result of this decision.