Resort access – what happens in the case of poor weather and road conditions?

Avoriaz transfers

Due to its high altitude and narrow access road, Avoriaz can occasionally be very difficult to access especially on very snowy days.  In situations where the road has been closed by authorities, we decide it is too dangerous or if the traffic conditions are too severe we will take the decision to drop you off at the best and safest place so you can arrange access to your accommodation.  For Avoriaz, this will normally be the bottom of the Prodains Telepherique (Avoriaz Cable Car).  Any costs will be your responsibility to cover initially but Ski-Lifts will happily provide you with a statement, explaining the reasons for the expense, which may be used to make a claim on your travel insurance.

If we believe there may be a problem accessing the resort for departure transfers we will contact you in advance of your pick up time and make alternative arrangements with you.

All other resorts

For resorts other than Avoriaz, if access is expected to be an issue based on the predicted weather conditions we will take action to ensure passenger safety; this could mean changing the pick-up or drop off location of your transfer or by scheduling you for an earlier pick-up time than usual.  If access is restricted for any reason we will take any advice from the local authorities and always try to contact you in advance of your transfer