What happens if I am late for my pickup time?

For the Scheduled shuttle transfer, you must be at the pick-up location 10minutes before your pick-up time.  The bus cannot wait for you so if you are not there you risk missing your transfer.

For shared transfers, you should leave your accommodation at least 5minutes before your pick-up time.  Due to the nature of shared transfers, the driver will only usually be able to wait 5minutes before you will be at risk of missing your transfer.

For Private transfers, you should be ready to go at the pick-up time.  The driver has slightly more flexibility but they will be running to a schedule and will not be able to wait more than 10minutes.  If the driver can wait they might have to charge a waiting time fee.

If you miss your transfer you will most likely have to rebook a new transfer, at full cost, and we will not be able to offer a refund for your missed transfer.

In all cases, we recommend you call our 24/7 operations number (detailed in your pick-up time text) if you think you will be late for your scheduled pick-up time.