Get Fit for the Ski Season

Skiing is one tough sport and it’s not unusual for people to get injured on the slopes.  As you may well know, skiing uses a multitude of muscles across your body and is a physically demanding sport.  However, with a few weeks of ski based exercises prior to your ski holiday and performing exercises on your holiday can help you avoid strained muscles and achy joints. 

It’s important to get yourself fit for the ski season and you can do that with these simple get fit for skiing exercises.  These exercises would also work well for getting fit for snowboarding as well.

Train that Posterior Chain

The muscles in the back of your body, like your; hamstrings, glutes, lower back and lats will power you downhill, keep you stable on uneven terrain and give you the explosive power to navigate over bumps.

To train the posterior chain, work on the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Pushing weight overhead
  • Alternatively, try this leg busting circuit: 10 squat jumps, 10 lunges on each leg, 20 squats and 10 jumping lunges on each leg.

Strengthen Those Core Muscles

Balance is an integral part of skiing.  With a strong core, overall balance comes a lot easier and more natural.  If you want to ski hard and fast and you want your body to be ready for the punishment that moguls or unexpected bumps can bring, you’ll need to focus on core strength.

Best Exercises for Skiing Core Strength

Back Extensions (aka Roman Chair or Superman Table Extensions)

Lie on a table or bench with your hips at the edge and have someone hold your legs while you keep your body horizontal.


Much like the previous exercise, except that you lie on the floor on your stomach and lift your knees and shoulders off the ground, with your hands stretched out in front of you just like Superman.

Alternate Superman

Get yourself down on all fours and lift your right leg and your left arm so that they form a straight line.  Alternatively, lay on your stomach and lift your leg and arm off the ground.  Hold this position for thirty seconds and then switch sides.  Repeat 3 times and build up to holding for sixty seconds.


Pretty much the same as holding a push up in the halfway position.  Lay on the floor on your stomach and pull your elbows underneath your shoulders, with your forearms flat on the floor.  Tighten your abs so that your body is straight as it can be, supported by your toes and your elbows.

Choose Cardio

If your alignment is perfect, your body works so efficiently you may get away with a lower level of cardiovascular fitness.  However, for those working on perfect alignment, interval training is the most effective form of cardiovascular training for getting fit for the ski season.

Try cycling or a step machine to make sure you’re working some of those muscles you’ll use when you’re skiing.  Remember to build up slowly, improving your fitness as you go on.

Train Your Body to Move in an Efficient Way

You can become your body’s mechanic by preparing it to move in the most efficient way possible.  Stand in front of the mirror in shorts and position yourself in a skiing position with your feet parallel and check the following:


Look at how your knees line up.  Draw an imaginary dot in the middle of your knee cap and imagine a vertical line to the floor.  This imaginary line should land in a central position in between your second and third toes.


Check your body from the side. Ensure your bottom is not sticking out too much or tucked in too far.

We all know skiing is a tough sport and it can cause havoc on your body.  Nobody wants to spend their skiing holiday nursing an injury because they haven’t prepared properly.  With these exercises to get fit for skiing, you can train your body for the ski season and be more prepared for avoiding a holiday ruining injury.  Prepare for the ski season in the right way with these ski exercises and you’ll be whizzing down the slopes being the most prepared you can be.

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