How long before my flight will I be picked up?

This depends on the transfer type you have selected.  The transfer terms for departure times will be specified in your confirmation email and varies depending on whether this is a shared transfer or not.

All pick-up times will be confirmed by 17:00CET the day before your departure transfer via email and SMS.  The pick-up times take into account the predicted weather and traffic conditions for the day of travel and we always recommend you stick with our suggested times.

If you have booked a private transfer, it is possible to specify your own pickup time at the time of booking, however, we would recommend giving us your flight time instead and letting us use our experience to select the optimum pick up time for you. If you do wish to specify a pickup time for your transfer, this must be done at the time of booking. Once we have confirmed a pickup time by SMS, this time cannot be changed.

Please note that if you request to leave later than the recommended time provided by us, you do so entirely at your own risk and we will not be held accountable for a missed flight as a result of this decision.