Loyalty Rewards – What are Ski-Lifts Loyalty Points?

Loyalty rewards for skiing? Yes please! Our points card helps you have money for future ski transfer bookings. We want to reward our customers for their loyalty and make sure they benefit from savings on future bookings with us.

To do this, we have created Ski-Lift Loyalty Points.  It is a loyalty rewards/points scheme that gives you points each time you book. You can then redeem these points as a percentage of discount against future ski and snow transfer bookings. This means you can save money each and every year with Ski Lifts.

For each Euro, you spend you will get 0.05 points added to your account for free.

This is effectively 5% of the value of your booking, which you can then use against a future booking with Ski-Lifts. You can either choose to spend your points, or keep collecting them to save for a larger discount.

To redeem your Ski-Lifts Loyalty Points, just make sure you are logged into your Ski-lifts account when making a booking and you will have the option to redeem any discount you might have.

If you can’t see any option for a discount, you might need to keep collecting your points for next time.