Can you offer helicopter transfers?

Yes, we can offer Helicopter Transfers. We currently offer them from Geneva airport and you will be able to enquire about price and availability through our quote generator for most destinations. Simply select the helicopter transfer option and fill in the enquiry form. We will then be able to get back to you with the best price and availability.

If the helicopter transfer isn’t available on the route you would like just fill in our online form and our team will get back to you with the options.

What Luggage can we bring on a Helicopter Transfer?

This will depend on the amount of luggage and number of passengers. Make sure to include your luggage requirements in your transfer request and your quote will include any carriage fees. If there is not enough space sometimes your luggage will be transported in a separate vehicle.

What happens in bad weather?

If there is bad weather predicted then your flight will be cancelled and alternative arrangements will be made, usually transfer by road instead. Wherever possible we will advise customers at least the day before travel about any changes to their booked transfer. Customer safety will always be the primary concern and Ski-lifts will make arrangements based on the transfer provider’s recommendations.

Please see Force Majeure.