Flight times and numbers

We need the flight arrival or departure times for the airport you are booking the transfer to or from. Please also enter your flight numbers.

Take care not to enter the times from your departure airport by mistake!

For example, if you are booking from Geneva Airport to Morzine, the time we want for your arrival transfer is the scheduled flight arrival time into Geneva airport.

For Departure transfers, from Morzine to Geneva, we want the scheduled flight departure time from Geneva Airport.

If you are booking a transfer for people arriving on different flights, or you have a connecting flight from another airport, make sure to include this information in the notes section of the website. (We have different flight arrival times)

Ski-lifts and our transfer providers will not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information provided in your booking form. Please check your details carefully.

If you are arriving on a train please see How do I book if I am arriving by train?

If you aren’t arriving on a flight or a train you should enter the time that you will be at the airport:

If you book a private transfer you can select your own pick-up time by ticking the pick-up time box.

If you book a shared transfer you will have to enter the time you will be at the airport at the transfer meeting point and enter a note into the notes section of the booking telling us what you are doing. Please note that shared waiting times will still apply as normal from the time you reach the transfer meeting point.