The SkiLift-Pass Loyalty Scheme

 The SkiLift-Pass Loyalty Scheme
We want to reward our customers for their loyalty and make sure that they benefit from savings on future bookings with us.

To do this we have created our new Ski-LiftPass, a loyalty scheme that gives you points each time you book, which you can then redeem against future transfer bookings and save money.

How does Ski-LiftsPass Work

  • A login is created when you use our website for a booking, which allows you to; view bookings, make changes to bookings and also saves time when making future bookings.
  • With a login comes a Ski-LiftPass, which will automatically start accumulating points on bookings made, which can then be redeemed in the form of a discount against future bookings.
  • When you make a booking at, once you complete the booking you will see the number of points this booking will add on to your Ski-LiftPass once the transfer has taken place. The greater the value of the purchase you are making, the greater the number of points you accumulate. Each Euro spent on airport transfers counts for 1 point on your Ski-LiftPass for future use.
  • Once the transfer has been completed, your Ski-LiftPass points will now be available within your account to redeem against the next booking that you make, with every point worth 0.05 euros off your next booking. If you made a booking for a transfer that earned you 500 points for example, you will have 25 euros that you could redeem off your next booking.

How Do You Redeem Your Ski-LiftPass Points?

  • When you get to the final page of the booking screen, before you confirm and make the payment, you will be told how much money you can save off the booking you are making by redeeming your Ski-LiftPass points.
  • If you choose to do so, just click the button to redeem them and the price you are paying will be reduced accordingly.
  • If the value of the booking you are making is less than the value of your Ski-LiftPass points, you will receive this booking for free and any remaining points will be available to you for your next booking.
  • Or you may decide at this point that you don’t want to redeem your Ski-LiftPass points right now, in which case they will continue to accumulate towards a future booking.

And of course, whether you choose to redeem there and then or not, the new booking you are making will add more points to your Ski-LiftPass for next time as well, so you are constantly saving money by booking with Ski-Lifts.


Ski-LiftPass points can not be used in conjunction with any other discount, voucher or promotional code.
They can only be redeemed through when making a new booking for an airport transfer, there is no cash or any other alternative offered for these.