What is the difference between a private and a shared transfer?


Private Transfers are for customers who want the most hassle-free solution of getting to resort. Simply arrive at the airport, pick up your bags, and you will be met in arrivals by a Ski-Lifts representative and taken straight to your accommodation. No waiting for other people to arrive, you will have the minibus to yourself!
Our private transfer service can also include executive or luxury transfers, limousines, or coaches for larger groups.

Shared Transfers are for the more cost-conscious customer who is willing to save a little money by sharing a minibus with other passengers travelling at similar times.

Ski-Lifts will always try to offer shared transfer customers a minimal waiting time by allocating minibuses with people on similar (if not the same) flights, and at peak times this waiting time should be less.
The average waiting time for a shared transfer is around twenty minutes. Maximum waiting time for shared transfers is as described on the transfer description on the booking form.
The larger the size of your group, the less waiting time there is likely to be. For example a group of 5 is much less likely to have to wait than a group of 1 or 2 people.

Scheduled Transfers run to a timetable, so leave the airport or resort at those set times. Ordinarily there will be other drop offs on route to resort and it may not be a door to door service.
This is described in full on the booking form on our website after you get a quote, when this service is available.