Ötztal Train Station Transfers

Ötztal train station transfers – to ski resorts throughout Austria and the Alps. Book now! Private transfers from Otztal railway station to surrounding ski resorts in Austria, Liechtenstein and even Italy are in operation all year round by Ski-Lifts, as we also cater for the summer season. Book your transfer from Otztal train station to Igls, Innsbruck, Garmisch, Oberhofen, Muttler, Wildspitze, Obergurgl, Ehrwald and the many hundreds of other ski resorts throughout the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

Book your transfers from Oztzal train station to your chosen ski resort.

Transfers from Ötztal village railway to Innsbruck, Oberhofen, Igls, Seefeld, Soelden & many more ski destinations throughout Austria and the Alps

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Ötztal Train Station Transfers to Ski Resorts

Otztal Train Station to Oberhofen transfer time approx. 20 mins
Otztal Train Station to Innsbruck transfer time is approx. 30 mins
Otztal Train Station to Obergurgl transfer time is approx. 50 mins
Otztal Train Station to Garmisch transfer time is approx. 1hr
Otztal Train Station to Ehrwald transfer time is approx. 2hrs 25mins
Otztal Train Station to Laax transfer time is approx. 2hrs 20mins

Otztal Train Station to Seefeld transfer time is approx. 30 mins
Otztal Train Station to Igls transfer time is approx. 30mins
Otztal Train Station to Soelden transfer time is approx. 35 mins
Otztal Train Station to Lusens transfer time is approx. 50 mins
Otztal Train Station to Piz Buin transfer time is approx. 2hrs 15mins
Otztal Train Station to Davos transfer time is approx. 2hrs 20mins

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Otztal Train Station Transfer

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Ötztal / Otztal / Oetztal /  Train Station is a small village railway station in Austria. Ski transfers from Otztal are a great option if you’re making the most of cheap flights, and simply need a lift to your ski resort. Otztal Train Station is the best train station for reaching Innbruck, Oberhofen and Igls. Oberhofen is the preferred Alpine destination from Otztal train station, for most skiers and snowboarders.

A transfer from Ötztal train station offers:

Much cheaper alternative than all local taxis, as we have a vetted team of Austrian drivers who specialise in ski transfers

Peace of mind that your driver will be waiting for you when you arrive at Ötztal village railway station

Convenience of our driver taking you directly to your ski resort from Oetztal train station

All Ski-Lifts train station transfers from Otztal train station to surrounding ski resorts can be booked online now, with instant confirmation of your booking. Now sit back and enjoy the journey – our driver will meet you when you get to Ötztal train station!

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Train Station to Ski Resort

Train transfers from Ötztal train station vary in duration:

– A transfer from Ötztal train station to Innsbruck takes approx. 30 mins.

– Other transfers such as Otztal train station to Davos, Laax and Ehrwald take around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

– The nearest ski resorts to Ötztal train station are Innsbruck (30 mins), Oberhofen (20 mins) and Igls (25-30 mins).

Ski-Lifts offer private transfers to many other ski resorts in Switzerland from Ötztal train station.  Get an instant, free quote now using the quote generator and be sure to book early for the best value from Ötztal / Oetztal / Otztal train station today.

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Return Ötztal transfer

For your return transfer to Ötztal train station, we send you a text message the day before you are due to depart Ötztal confirming your exact pickup time from the resort. On the departure day, we come to collect you and aim to get you to the train station around 30 minutes before your train departs.

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Arrival to Otztal Station – Ötztal Bahnhof

Ötztal train station is a small village railway station in Otztal, an Alpine village. Our transfer vehicle will be parked just outside the station. So when you arrive at Ötztal train station, simply head towards the exit doors and your driver will meet you, ready to take you to your chosen ski resort. 


Why is Ötztal railway station also spelt as Oetztal and Otztal?

Ötztal is the original Germanic and Austrian name for the village, using the umlaut (the two little dots of the letter O) to indicate proper pronunciation of the place name.

As with many kinds of tourist-influenced linguistic phenomena, Ötztal is also spelt “Oetztal” to both define proper pronunciation for any anglicised use of the name – but it’s also to spelt like that to suit web browsers and computers where a font or typeface might not have the umlaut-O, or Ö symbol, in its repertoire, which is why you will see this spelling in Google Maps.

The spelling of Ötztal as ‘Otztal’ is technically not correct but is the most frequently used online, and is due to the QWERTY keyboard layout on a computer and US-English inspired spelling, where the Ö is not easily accessed or even known by many US English language speakers, computer and Internet users.

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