Ski-Lifts Christmas in the Alps

Escape To An Unforgettable Christmas In The Alps

Dreams of a White Christmas in the Alps

Dreaming of a White Christmas? In the heart of the Alps, your dreams can become reality. The pristine snow-covered landscapes create a winter wonderland that sets the perfect stage for festive celebrations. Imagine waking up to the gentle fall of snowflakes, the crisp mountain air, and the enchanting atmosphere that only the Alps can offer during the holiday season.

For those yearning for a touch of magic, the Alps deliver the quintessential White Christmas experience. The mountains, blanketed in snow, create a postcard-perfect setting for your holiday festivities. Picture cosy chalets adorned with twinkling lights, slopes inviting you for a day of snowy adventures, and the warmth of festive cheer embracing you at every turn. Snow-sure resorts in the Alps include Tignes or Val Thorens in France, Cervinia in Italy, or Saas-Fee in Switzerland.


Festive Skiing and Snowboarding Extravaganza

Are you ready to carve through the snowy slopes under the glittering Christmas lights? Festive skiing and snowboarding in the Alps take winter sports to a whole new level. The thrill of gliding down the mountains, surrounded by the majestic beauty of snow-covered peaks, adds an extra layer of excitement to your holiday experience. If you’re a snowboarder we recommend Flims Laax in Switzerland or the French alpine resort of Avoriaz

The Alps boast some of the best ski resorts in the world, providing not only top-notch slopes but also a festive ambience that turns your skiing adventure into a magical journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time skier, the Alps offer a winter wonderland that caters to all levels. Imagine the joy of a day on the slopes followed by cosy evenings by the fireplace, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Festive Skiing

Unveiling the Charms of Christmas Markets in the Alps

Step into a world of festive delights as we explore the Christmas markets nestled in the heart of the Alps. From the enchanting Interlaken, with its 60 wooden chalets, to the magical Les Gets, where the market is a sensory feast, and the captivating Livigno, breathing in the Christmas atmosphere, each market is a unique experience.

Interlaken: A Winter Wonderland Extravaganza

Interlaken’s Christmas market is a symphony of lights, crafts, and culinary delights. Over 60 wooden chalets offer local crafts and gifts, creating a festive atmosphere enhanced by live music and children’s activities. The twinkling lights and impressive ice sculptures add a touch of magic to this Alpine market.

Les Gets: A Magical Feast for the Senses

Les Gets transforms into a festive wonderland, a market bursting with festive cheer. Explore stalls filled with unique treasures, creating a sensory experience that captures the true spirit of Christmas.

Livigno: Enchanting Christmas Atmosphere

In Livigno, breathe in the Christmas atmosphere as you wander through a magical village. The delightful wooden houses, twinkling lights, and local specialities create a scene that will make you feel like a child again.

Annecy: A Winter Wonderland on Canals

Known as the ‘Venice of the Alps,’ Annecy turns into a winter wonderland. Stalls along the canals offer delightful treats and trinkets, inviting you to explore the charm of this picturesque market.

Kitzbuhel: A Medieval Christmas Card Scene

Kitzbuhel’s medieval village centre transforms into a festive scene reminiscent of an old-fashioned Christmas card. Enjoy regional delicacies and immerse yourself in the charm of this historic market.

Christmas Markets in the Alps

Family-Friendly Christmas Breaks in the Alps

Christmas in the Alps isn’t just for thrill-seekers; it’s also a haven for families seeking a magical holiday break. The Alps offer a host of family-friendly activities, from snowman-building competitions to sleigh rides through snow-kissed landscapes. We love the family-friendly atmosphere at Les Arcs in France and the small traffic-free resort of La Tania is also a great choice for families looking for a Christmas break in the Alps.

Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they experience the magic of a White Christmas, surrounded by the Alps’ natural beauty. Family-friendly ski resorts cater to all ages and skill levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the festive fun. Create snow angels, embark on a magical sleigh ride, and witness the pure delight in your children’s eyes as they soak in the season’s enchantment. For more information about where kids can ski for free read our guide.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the Alps

As the year draws to a close, the Alps beckon with spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations. Picture yourself surrounded by snow-capped peaks, fireworks lighting up the night sky, and the festive atmosphere reaching its peak.

Alpine resorts host memorable New Year’s Eve events, from gala dinners to open-air celebrations. Toast to the past year’s memories and welcome the new one with the backdrop of the stunning Alps. The combination of the crisp mountain air, the joyous festivities, and the company of loved ones creates a New Year’s celebration that is truly unforgettable. Tigne is renowned for throwing the biggest and best New Year’s Eve party in the French Alps. However, Ischgl in Austria really knows how to ring in the New Year too!

New Years eve celebrations in the alps

Wrap Up Your Christmas in the Alps Adventure

In the Alps, Christmas is a magical adventure waiting for you to unwrap. Whether you’re dreaming of a White Christmas, seeking festive skiing and snowboarding thrills, exploring Christmas markets, enjoying family-friendly activities, or counting down to the New Year in Alpine style, the Alps offer a holiday experience like no other.

Embark on a winter wonderland journey, where every snowflake carries the promise of joy and every mountain peak becomes a beacon of festive magic. This holiday season, unwrap the gift of Christmas in the Alps and let the mountains be the backdrop to your most memorable celebrations.

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