Airport Transfers to the Italian Alps

The closest airport to the Italian Alps is Turin International Airport in Torino, with a transfer time of around 1.5 to 2 hours. Other nearby airportsGeneva, Milan, Venice, Verona, Zurich and Bergamo airports.


From Turin, Milan and Geneva airports.

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About the Italian Alps

Italy is a mountainous country with ranges over 700 metres covering one third of the country. The best known ranges are the Alps, the Dolomites and the Appenines. 

The Italian Alps are divided into three main regions. The first group, the Western Alps run north to south from Aosta to the Cadibona Pass, with the highest peaks of Mount Viso 3,841m and Gran Paradiso 4,061m which is regarded as the highest mountain completely within Italy. The second group, the Central Alps run west to east from the Western Alps to the Brenner Pass, leading into Austria and the Trentino – Alto Adige valley. This group also has high peaks, such as Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) with a summit of 4,807m just over the border in France, Monte Cervino (Matterhorn) 4,478m, Monte Rosa with a summit of 4,634m  just over the border in Switzerland, and Mount Ortles 3,905m. The last group, the Eastern Alps run west to east from the Brenner Pass to Trieste and include the Dolomites and Mount Marmolada 3,343m.

The Apennines form the backbone of the country running down the full length of the Italian peninsula from the Cadibona Pass to the tip of Calabria, continuing onto the island of Sicily. The range is about 2,000 km long. Although narrow at each end, only about 32 km wide, it is about 190 km wide in the Central Apennines, east of Rome, where the “Great Rock of Italy” (Gran Sasso d’Italia) provides the highest Apennine peak at 2,912m.

Airport transfer types to suit all budgets



Share the vehicle with other passengers with similar flights & destinations.


One of the most cost effective and efficient ways of getting to the resort.



Similar to a shared transfer, except this runs to a set timetable, so you’re required to book a service that works for your flight times.


Generally not door-to-door but cheaper.



Book a driver and vehicle for your sole use.


No sharing with others, no waiting at the airport and a direct door-to-door service, with no additional stops en route.



Similar to a private transfer the only difference is that it is using a larger vehicle.


Perfect for larger groups wanting to travel together.


Exec & Limousine

Enjoy vehicles such as a top-of-the-range Mercedes minivan or an S-Class Mercedes limousine.


Like a private transfer, but with the additional benefit of travelling in style.

From Airport to Resort

Ski-lifts offer a range of airport transfers to the Italian Lakes and many other popular tourist areas in Italy. If you can’t find you destination on our Quote Generator then please ask for a quote as we will be able to provide transfers to most destinations in the Italian Alps.

The range of transfers to the Italian Alps on offer include private transfers, as well as luxury executive transfers and private hire coach transfers for large groups travelling together.

You can use the Quote Generator to see the full range of transfers offered to the Italian Alps and book your transfer online. Once you complete your booking, you receive an instant confirmation by email. Your transfer will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport and will take you directly to your accommodation in the Italian Alps.

We will send you a text message the day before you are due to return, confirming your exact pick up time for your transfer back to the airport.

For the Italian Alps, Turin, Milan and Geneva airports are all within easy reach.

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