Coronavirus: Where Can I Go Skiing if I’m from Ireland?

Where can I go skiing 2020/21 if I’m travelling from Ireland?

Where can I go skiing if I’m travelling from Ireland? Ireland’s response to the coronavirus has been fairly exemplary in terms of digital resources, following the majority of global response models by using the secure, Apple and Google ready-made track and trace apps. Irish holidaymakers also have access to a free Government-made travel safety app called TravelWise, which contains all-round, real-time personal safety information about the country they’re visiting, as well as the current Covid-19 restrictions from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Holiday makers have also been invited to stay in contact with their Irish Embassy whenever and wherever they’re travelling to, as an extra safety precaution.

Of course, ensuring you have your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) renewed and up to date will be of paramount importance anyway, regardless of restrictions.

The list of countries that you are allowed to visit is based on a traffic light system (Green, Orange, Red) which is updated every Thursday, with any arrivals and departure changes at all ports and airports taking effect the following Monday.

NB: At the time of writing, there are no longer any countries on the Green list as per the spike of Coronavirus cases throughout Europe. This means all non-essential travel is against DFA advice, and will not be insurable while Ireland is on lockdown.


Where can I go skiing – if I’m travelling from Ireland uninsured, and if I follow the rules?

Irish snow-loving tourists – as soon as its OK to travel again – can visit the following on the basis of full personal risk and complying with local restrictions in place:

Sweden (light testing measures could be brought into most airports in the future)

Andorra  (you may be spot-tested at the airport if suspected of having symptoms on arrival)

Bulgaria (NB: rules transitioning: have proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours or less of arrival)

Italy (fill out form, have proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours or less of your departure date)

Germany (fill out form, take the test, register travel info with Customs Health Officials, self isolate for 14 days)

Switzerland (self isolate for 10 days, register travel info at Customs)

Norway (quarantine in Norway for 10 days, you may need to take a test)

Slovenia (show proof of negative PCR taken in the Schengen area within 48 hours before arrival, or, self-isolate for 10 days)

Poland (Flights only permitted into 3 territories, but internal travel and rail links are open)


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What if I’m travelling from Ireland outside of Europe?

Irish skiers and snowboarders sadly cannot go beyond Europe to ski or board right now – so this means USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are off the list.

Foreign Nationals In Ireland

You are advised to consult with your local Embassy first and then the DFA.

Non-Essential Travel and Insurance

All travel that is not repatriation, emergency, homebound/main residency travel or key-worker related is considered non-essential – much as it is in the UK and Northern Ireland.

In similar fashion, this also means some tour operators will have a tougher time being able to validate and insure travel properly unless the country is on the Green list. Travel insurance is still available – however most individuals will not be able to acquire valid insurance if they travel against Foreign Affairs advice.

Again, this is similar to UK policy, where repatriation and emergency medical are covered by insurers only if you are travelling somewhere that is considered safe for non-essential travel, otherwise it is invalidated.

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Coronavirus: Where Can I Go Skiing if I’m from the Netherlands?

Where can I go skiing 2020/21 if I’m travelling from the Netherlands?

Where can I go skiing if I’m travelling from the Netherlands? The Netherlands have a super simple orange-or-yellow system for holiday makers looking to travel around Europe and beyond.  Many countries have been downgraded from ‘orange’ (not advised) to ‘yellow’ (permissible). If the country is not listed anywhere, you simply cannot go at the moment.

As with all types of travel during the pandemic, many countries rely on the rules and regulations imposed by the desired destination country of the holiday-maker, as they essentially have the final say as to your health status and fitness to travel before crossing the border in any case.

This is great news for skiers and snowboarders from the Netherlands who wish to go abroad and still be insured for travel in a number of selected countries. One notable skiing country that seems to have been left out is Andorra, which means if it’s not on the list – you can’t go. (Yet); Spain is currently not advised but there are limited operating flights there, at least at the time of writing.

However it doesn’t prevent that destination country from stipulating new conditions upon or prior to arrival. As with all of our information pages, the information in these posts are subject to change in accordance with the changing regulations of various countries around the world and will be updated accordingly.

Where can I go skiing in 2020/21 from the Netherlands?

The following destinations are open for travel, as long as Dutch citizens and residents follow their host country’s rules, which normally means self-isolating on arrival. You will normally have to self-isolate when you get home too. These countries are currently on the ‘yellow’ list:


Austria (self isolate for 14 days, get tested at the airport)

Switzerland (self isolate for 10 days, register travel info at Customs)

Italy (fill out form, have proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours or less of your departure date)

Germany (fill out form, take the test, register travel info with Customs Health Officials, self isolate for 14 days)

Liechtenstein (Borders controlled by CH; self isolate for 10 days, register travel info at Customs)


Where can I go skiing if I’m travelling from the Netherlands uninsured and unadvised, and if I follow the rules?

If you’re from the Netherlands, you may still find travel routes to these locations but they are ‘orange’, and therefore not currently advised by the Kingdom of Netherlands Government:


Bulgaria (NB: rules transitioning: have proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours or less of arrival)

Norway (quarantine in Norway for 10 days, you may need to take a test)

Slovenia (show proof of negative PCR taken in the Schengen area within 48 hours before arrival, or, self-isolate for 10 days)


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Where can I go skiing if I’m travelling from the Netherlands – outside of Europe?

Europeans like yourselves have been mostly “confined” by the rest of the world (oh, no…) to Europe. (And let’s face it, that’s not always really the worst thing). Of course sadly it also means that people from the Netherlands currently are not permitted to visit the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Foreign Nationals In the Netherlands

You are advised to consult with your local Embassy first and then the Kingdom of Netherlands Gov.

Non-Essential Travel and Insurance

As with the rest of the world combined, travel that is not secured by any kind of permission or ‘air bridge’; travel that is not repatriation, emergency, homebound/main residency travel or key-worker related will likely not be advised by the Netherlands currently. However, the list of countries that our fantastic Dutch customers like yourself can visit is indeed wider than a lot of your neighbouring countries! Make the most of it while you can, book for a skiing holiday now, get your transfers with us at Ski-Lifts, and avoid the crowds this season!

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Top 5 Last Minute Ski Holidays in Italy

Top 5 Resorts: Last Minute Ski Break in Italy

(As Long As You Test Negative for Covid-19)

We were inspired to create a ‘Last Minute Ski Break in Italy’ list, given where people like yourself are now looking to go somewhere different for the snow season. That, and a lot of our UK customers were finding they can avoid much of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) travel drama – as long as they have proof of a negative Covid-19 test at most, 72 hours before travel and are happy to quarantine once back home.

It’s true – you really can’t go wrong with the Dolomites, or the Italian Alps, really. The Dolomites are practically worshipped by the locals downhill in Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and down as far as Rome, who all make plans to spend long summers there to escape the tourists in their own cities; thousands of native Italians trekking cross country for spa weeks, hiking, cycling and eating as much fresh Alpine cheese as possible over the summer.

The way things are going for this pandemic: we’re predicting that there will be a lot of last minute ski breaks being booked from across Europe and UK for the ski season. We’re starting to see this pattern emerge already – while over on the US side, we’re seeing searches for backcountry skiing, cross country treks and ski touring grow exponentially, as people try to avoid the crowds this season without missing out on the snow.

And with the world still reeling from the Coronavirus – particularly with UK customers only having 6 countries out of the whole world to visit (at the time of writing – UK skiers should check our updated skiing during the pandemic page); there is one side of the Alps that might see a little more action than usual given the lack of quarantine required on arrival. So, we put together this list of Top 5 Last-Minute Ski Break Ideas in Italy.

We’re hoping this list of last minute ski break ideas in Italy will come in useful for you – particularly for those of you booking your skiing holidays a little later than normal.

Naturally, we do want this to also help and persuade you into ensuring that you’re booking your airport transfers to Italian resorts with the best value possible, even at short notice. And at Ski-Lifts, usually, we can accommodate booking up to 48 hours in advance, and sometimes we can do it on the day. We’ve also created our Covid-19 guarantee, so there’s no excuse (you know, other than a blanket global quarantine) for you not to book with full confidence!

That’s why we’ve put together this list – Fontina cheese guaranteed (and it certainly should be plentiful this year)! So let’s get inspired and get to our first ever Italian ski break ideas list.

Which are the best last-minute ski resorts in Italy?

  1. Courmayeur
  2. Cervinia
  3. Cortina
  4. Madonna di Campiglio
  5. Sauze d’Oulx

and we couldn’t not mention Sestriere!



Courmayeur Mont Blanc Monte Bianco Ski Lifts

Courmayeur is an incredible location from which to ski a bucket-list peak – Mont Blanc (or Monte Bianco, which has a slightly dangerous ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?). It has resurged in popularity again in recent years compared to its 70s reputation, with some skiers gliding over the border year after year to see how their famous Savoie natural superstructure feels under-ski from the Italian side.

Courmayeur is a small Alpine town like the others, yes, but it packs a lot of punch. It offers everything from the 5* AMEX preferred Le Massif, very much the luxury accommodation in Courmayeur to be seen in; all the way through to some gorgeous, homely chalets offering that playful Italian twist on hospitality. You’ll also find the usuals: a couple of funky nightclubs, nearly 50 bars, and lots of small, little eateries and restaurants using homegrown food.

Courmayeur is easily reachable from Geneva and so makes a most excellent last-minute ski break in Italy. You can also get to this Valle d’Aosta location easily from Chambery, Bergamo, Lyon, Innsbruck, Milan and Turin airport, so you can be extra crafty about booking the best value flight to arrive in Courmayeur.

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Cervinia Airport Transfer

Valle d’Aosta’s Cervinia is indeed a practical choice for booking your last minute ski break in Italy.

It’s made for the beginner-to-improver skier. Cervinia is snowsure, has the Matterhorn, the food is delicious and cheap; plus the late season is great if you want to get those super cheap flights which allow you to transfer to the Valle d’Aosta from Turin in January. It’s linked to the village of Valtournenche, and the slopes are gentle. Advanced skiers looking for a challenge might get bored of Cervinia’s slopes – although that’s fixed by a climb and venture over the Little Matterhorn and back into Switzerland, where it gets far more daring again. Cervinia is a destination of choice for millions of skiers – and it can also be one of your best ever last minute ski resort ideas in Italy for a quick week in the Alps.

Cervinia is another ski resort kind of like Sauze d’Oulx but that’s also great for those families who are finally starting out as skiers together, that want to stick to budget and avoid the crush of the typical resorts over the border, going at their own pace.

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Cortina Ski Transfers - Ski Lifts

In what might be the laziest analogy, Cortina d’Ampezzo is the winter Hamptons for the upmarket Italian, and for many European neighbours. Italians themselves don’t actually flock to Cortina to ski all week (which means more pistes and off for the guests!). They come here to wear fur coats, drink scores of cocktails, go window shopping, breathe in that indescribable old-world Italian glamour on tap which is their heritage and ultimately bask in the early sunset passeggiata after a late lunch, through the wide cobbled streets of Corsa Italia and Piazza Venezia. Cortina as a resort packs a lot of character, (and nearly 200 bars!) tucked within a largely unspoilt mountain town, and so it proves popular with grouped solo skiers and couples.

Although that’s not to say it’s not family friendly – because it really is; but it would be privy to remember that this is second home land, where most metropolitan Italians come to escape their own kids. A last-minute ski break in Italy via Cortina? We say go for it.

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Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna Di Campiglio - Ski Lifts Airport Transfers

Madonna di Campiglio is indeed the Mother of the Little Valley. This stunning, car-free resort is a place the locals would prefer to be kept secret thanks to the little town’s unspoilt Alpine elegance, tree-lined runs and its extremely relaxed vibe. This is the new cool kids’ choice for a last minute ski break in Italy – for skiers tiring of the usual fare over the border, Madonna di Campiglio is the chilled-out choice in the Dolomites for intermediate skiers and snowboarders looking to concentrate on their technique in a much less crowded- although still-buzzing – mountain setting. Viewing a golden winter sunset fall into the Brenta Dolomites is on the bucket list of many a native southern Italian – and therefore as a skier or snowboarder, it’s your duty to venture up to northern Italy and book your ski break in in Madonna di Campiglio this year, even if just to see these iconic views for yourself over a glass or two of the local Vespolina. For your last minute ski resort ideas in Italy – you can’t go wrong here.

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Sauze d’Oulx 

sauze d'oulx airport transfers - ski lifts

Sauze d’Oulx remains the family-friendly ski resort in Italy, and is popular with large groups and families booking their super last minute family ski holidays. For some time, Sauze d’Oulx had the whole Club Med, super-resort image, which it has since shaken off somewhat. Whether it’s because that reputation itself made the slopes a little less crowded over the last few years from the skiers who worry they might be looking bit passé there, we’ll never know… Nonetheless, that should make it even easier for you to book any of your last minute ski resort ideas in Italy, It’s all about decent snow, loads of food, fantastic wine and it’s wide variety of slopes which that most beginners and families look to tick off their Alps list early on in their journey across the world’s mountains each season.

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sestriere airport transfers with Ski-Lifts

Sestriere sits up high on the France-Italy border in Vialattea. The higher altitude cousin of Sauze d’Oulx in the Western side of the Italian Alps  – Sestriere is a ski-in ski-out purpose built ski resort. It’s great for improving and intermediate skiers looking to better their abilities, with a perfectly diverse mix of runs to suit everyone over the former Winter Olympic slopes which makes it popular with solo groups and small groups who need an affordable, practical getaway to the Alps. As the add on to our Top 5 last minute ski resort ideas in Italy – Sestriere is a great location to choose, to ensure you don’t regret missing the snow.

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Skiing: the safest holiday to take during the pandemic?

Goggles and buff – Is skiing the safest holiday to take during the pandemic?


Is skiing safe during the Coronavirus? In many parts of the world, particularly in the Alps in Europe, extra precautions and measures are being taken to ensure that those looking to book skiing holidays are not being subject to careless exposure. France Montagnes is one excellent example of how various cleaning measures and extra facilities – which have been in place since the summer – including hand gel and masks, are helping to support the infection safety of those who travel.

In addition, our fantastic Ski Lifts network is helping to support hygiene measures during your transfer, which match those that are in place in various countries. For example, our transfer vehicle safety measures – again, updated in the summer, is complimentary to the existing international travel measures that are in place at airports, train stations and even on board ships.

Can ski gear help protect against the Coronavirus?

It would be foolish to say that it does! Although saying that, let’s consider how things don’t feel so hugely different: the ski gear, ski sets and equipment that we use to keep us safe while we are skiing may well also be helpful to protect us while we are out and about in the ski resort, as long as we’re not allowing this to give us a false sense of security.

There are various ways we can find some forms of PPE as analogous to our googles and buff. Goggles indeed are already a form of personal protective equipment; the only difference being that these are designed to protect us and keep our eyes and the surrounding skin safe, due to weather and light conditions – as opposed to being personal wearable controls for infection safety.

Yet, it stands to reason that we might treat our ski gear and ski extras with a little bit of extra care to ensure we’re not contributing to further mini-outbreaks that can put our own, or other’s loved ones at risk.

What extra tips can skiers and snowboarders consider to stay safe while skiing this season?

We have put some general ideas together as extra precautions to take to help minimise your risk further, in addition to working with the sanctioned and regulatory measures required by the various ski areas across the world such as French ski resorts, Italian resorts, Austrian resorts, Swiss, resorts in Liechtenstein, German ski resorts and others.

The below are some pieces of advice we’ve picked up from skiers who are already planning their half term ski holidays, and ensuring they don’t miss the ski while the borders remain relatively open. We’ll be sharing this online across our socials, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!


Our ‘Clean Ski’ Protocol – ideas to use while skiing this year, in addition to the measures deemed mandatory by your local health authority:

Stay Ski Safe This Season - Coronavirus nInfographic

(Please see the same tips as in the infographic above):

Wash and dry your buffs and scarves daily

Wash items using buff manufacturer’s instructions. Use the warmest water setting, dry items completely. Don’t shake laundry before washing – this can disperse trapped viral particles back into the air. (Source:

Wipe goggles with clean cloths and anti-fog spray

PPE needs anti-fog spray and clean microfibre cloths to ensure infection-safe standards. Naturally, the same can apply to your goggles. Be sure that any spray is compatible with your ski goggles. (Source: Amazon)

Bring extra gloves

A few pairs of gloves might seem pointless, but being able to clean what you’ve been wearing, especially where it could be more crowded than advised, will help to stop the spread. It’s not a popular thing to do, but it counts. (Source:

Make the most of the sunlight

Not sunlight totally, but UV light specifically is supposed to be a natural radiation source that inactivates the Coronavirus. However, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security… sunburn is real thing too.

Help your fellow skiers and snowboarders

Social distancing at 2m, not 1m… remains one of the most effective ways to prevent virus transmission, at least while there is no known cure or mass prophylaxis for Covid-19.
(Source: World Health Organisation)


Do I really need to wear a mask under my buff, coat or scarves?

Under the advice of the World Health Organisation and various other international health and regulatory bodies, the use of masks has been made either a legal or regulatory requirement – so wearing a mask is still a good idea in order to comply and respect these countries’ measures. It is usually advised that masks are disposed of safely after eating or drinking and replaced.

The  NHS Oxford University Hospitals Trust website has an excellent guide on how to do this most effectively with masks:

How do I wear a face mask correctly?

Wash or sanitise your hands before putting it on

Ensure the mask goes up to the bridge of your nose and all the way down under your chin

Tighten the loops or ties so it’s snug around your face

Avoid touching your face, or the parts of the mask that cover your nose and mouth

Wash or sanitise your hands before taking it off

Use the ear loops to take the mask off and wash or sanitise your hands afterwards

How long do I have to wear each mask for before changing to a new one?

There is no set time, nor recommended number of masks you should use each day. It all depends on what you are doing. However, if your mask gets dirty, wet or damaged, or if you touch the inside of it, then you should change to a new one (following the steps above). When you take it off to eat or drink, you should dispose of the old mask, wash or sanitise your hands, and replace it with a new one once you have finished eating.”

Wearing a mask will be inherent given flight and train station rules – be sure to bring plenty with you so that you can change them when you need. Undoubtedly wearing masks will have been an important component of your travel already; particularly in airports and on public transport, where they are mandatory across most of Europe.

The France Montagnes body has hygiene measures for skiers, as well as various resorts across the Alps, are specifying that masks need to be worn on lifts and in shared spaces – particularly for bars, cafes and restaurants, even if eating outside.

Whatever you choose to do this season – ensure you are keeping yourself and your group safe! Now is a great time to stock up on those ski extras – take a look at some of our partners and their offers which are exclusive to Ski-Lifts customers.

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Top 5 Ski Magazines

Top 5 Ski Magazines

Skiing and snowboarding are incredible pursuits, as we all know. The culture of what we do is also just as important, so, we thought creating a Top 5 Ski Magazines list was a great way to celebrate the way writers, publishers and those passionate about skiing and boarding help us to shape our tastes, and bring even more meaningful insights to our experiences.

So, we thought it best to celebrate these magazines – especially as they are keeping us going in what has been a dreary 2020. Without further ado, welcome to our ‘Top 5 Ski Magazines’ list. Find out which magazines our panellist picked as the top 5 ski magazines (and snowboard magazines!).

They’re the perfect place for you to begin if you’re interested in ski and snowboarding culture, sports, ski gear and board gear, the latest news about ski resorts as well as news from across the world of professional skiing and boarding. These magazines are also great resources for beginners and seasonaires alike, in terms of getting the insider knowledge about various destinations like Morzine, Les Gets, Meribel – or even Ischgl, Cervinia or Courmayeur – the writers here are likely to have lived and loved it, with the best ideas to share from that.


Did we miss anyone? Who would you like to nominate for the next list? Be sure to contact us on our social media channels.

So what are the Top 5 Best Ski Magazines? Let’s find out!


  1. In The Snow
  2. Ski + Board
  3. Ski Mag
  4. The Snowboarder’s Journal
  5. The Ski Journal


The Best 5 Ski Magazines

1. In The Snow

in the snow top 10 ski magazine

In The Snow is the UK’s most read ski magazine, and is extraordinarily popular around the world as a whole. Founded, edited and published by a team of true snow heads, In The Snow is the go-to title in terms of looking for unique takes on the love of  skiing, boarding and the quiet geekery that goes with it. Their gear reviews are renowned and genuinely affect the buying decisions of skiers and snowboarders (including ours!). Also of note are their fantastic interview pieces with some people whom you might not expect immediately, which only adds to the pleasure of their work. Take for instance their recent ‘10 Minutes With Jenson Button” – only 10 minutes – sure, but with lots of juice squeezed out for an entertaining read.


2. Ski+Board (from Ski Club of Great Britain)

For disclosure, Ski Club of Great Britain are trusted partners of ours here at Ski Lifts, but obviously with excellent reasons: their wisdom, advice, info, tips and subsequently their magazine features are informed by almost a century of skiing culture. In this way, Ski+Board can’t be beaten. Ski+Snow is a fantastic resource to help get you excited for your seasons – and it’s also one of the best ways to find a ski holiday based on your actual ski and board abilities, and to tailor them to what you’re after – whether that’s enjoying where you’re at, or getting tutored support to improve. SCGB’s Freshtracks programme has plenty for you to choose from.

3. Ski Mag

skimag top 10 ski magazines with ski lifts

Ski Mag is slick, stylish and a fabulous pre-ski read, available online for free and in print for extremely reasonable rates on an international subscription if you’re not from the US. Ski Mag is great for newbies and professionals alike, known for coverage of famous figures in the sport, as well as their generous commissions to the world’s best photographers in the industry.

4. The Snowboarder’s Journal

the snowboarders journal - a top 5 magazine

Yes, this is The Snowboarder’s Journal (published by the same house as the next magazine in our list) and used to be known, a small aeon ago, as ‘Frequency’ for those of us grey enough to remember. The Snowboarder’s Journal is a luxe snowboarding magazine which secures interview and review access to some of the biggest – and also most obscure, but cool – names in boarding, with reviews about hidden gems to visit for those on “the dark side” covered in their ‘Locale’ section, where you can expect to find amazing chalets and locations that no-one’s really ventured to before…

5. The Ski Journal

the ski journal - a top 5 magazine

Just as stylish and suave as magazine number 4, The Ski Journal was made to intimidate all possible guests at your coffee table, except of course, skiers. The Ski Journal is a uniquely produced magazine that feels more a like a fine cheeseboard – you’ll read snow thought-pieces and scan your eyes over the most exquisite photo essays, or savour their interview profile pieces on industry activists and brave backcountry skiers in Canada and Alaska, while skiing propre is peppered in the margins.


To everyone included in the rankings:

There are a number of ways you can shout about your listing on Ski-Lifts’ work list of Top 5 Ski Magazines. Check it out:

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World’s Top 5! We’ve been featured as a @Ski_Lifts Top 5 Ski Magazine 2020! Check out the full list:

The now and future of ski and mountain rescue?

Ski and mountain rescue – the now and future?

A collaboration between Gravity Industries, which has developed and patented a 1050 brake horsepower Jet Suit, and the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), led to an incredibly well-documented, successful test flight and hill rescue mission in the heart of the Lake District, UK.

Introducing the Jet Suit

Founder of Gravity Industries and Chief Test Pilot, Richard Browning, used his skills and vision create the world’s first patented Jet Suit. The Jet Suit currently can perform speeds in excess of 80mph (although, yes, we know some of you may feel that you already ski at this speed anyway on a good downhill day in Kitzbuhel 😉 ) – the suit is technically capable of reaching an altitude of 12,000ft (although for safety purposes, it is typically flown lower).

Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) showcased the Gravity Suit, an item of ‘mecha’ flying clothing capable of performing mountain and hill rescue wherein the travel distance compared to traditional air ambulance service, such as that which may require a helicopter, is much faster with a suit. The Gravity suit has the potential to be empowering and a life-saver than the transport which is currently available to mountain rescue services currently in use across the world.

The test making this use case occurred most notably, and recently, at the Langdale Pikes saw Gravity Industries founder and Chief Test Pilot Richard Browning fly from the valley bottom to a simulated casualty site on The Band, near Bowfell – a 2,950ft peak in one of the UK’s biggest national parks.

Air Ambulance successfully trial the Gravity suit in the Lake District

Andy Mawson, director of operations and paramedic at GNAAS, identified the Lakes as a possible location for a Jet Suit paramedic after hearing of Mr. Browning’s work and then studying the charity’s own call-out data. Mr. Mawson said the exercise had demonstrated the huge potential of utilising Jet Suits to deliver critical care services.

He added: “In a time in healthcare when we are exhausted with COVID and its effects, it’s important to still push the boundaries. We think this technology could enable our team to reach some patients much quicker than ever before. In many cases this would ease the patient’s suffering. In some cases, it would save their lives.”

Ski mountain rescue: the suit in action

Using the suit, medics, or specialist mountaineering rescuers, could be flown directly to the site of an emergency, instead of having to walk up or down, or take the risk of flying in a chopper. While these types of flights are only for experimental purposes for the moment, the team hopes they could be a crucial part of a future mountain rescue.
Richard Browning added: “It was wonderful to be invited to explore the capabilities of the Gravity Jet Suit in an emergency response simulation and work alongside the team at GNAAS. We are just scratching the surface in terms of what is possible to achieve with our technology. Emergency response is one of the areas Gravity are actively pursuing, alongside launching a new commercial training location at the world-renowned Goodwood Estate.” Following this successful trial and the record-breaking times in terms of ascending the fell, GNAAS and Gravity Industries are now exploring the next steps in this collaboration.

Why the Jet Suit is a game-changer for ski mountain rescue

To anyone who has seen a mountain rescue helicopter approach a scene of crash and disaster, the great saving of valuable time that the Jet Suit could promise the whole skiing industry is more than apparent – we can’t wait to see the next iteration of this exciting ski mountain rescue technology.

Gravity Industries designs, builds and flies Jet Suits, “pioneering a new era of human flight” – it’s hard to argue with that!

The company was founded to challenge perceived boundaries in human aviation. Launched in March 2017, the business secured a raise: totalling $650,000 investment within the first two months from Tim & Adam Draper, Tim best known for his early investments in Baidu Inc., Tesla and Skype.

The company says that it’s true focus is the relentless evolution of the technology as well as bringing “this inspirational spectacle to live audiences all over the world in the form of the International Race Series and other performance events.”

As of this winter season, Gravity is allowing potential clients of the jet suit to fully experience it (tethered, though, just in case you get giddy!) over at Goodwood. Hey, if you can’t fly out to your favourite ski resort for the Coronavirus – why not fly –literally– with your body?

Proud of our ongoing partnership with Ski Club of Great Britain for 2020/21

Proud of our ongoing partnership with Ski Club of Great Britain for 2020/21

Ski Lifts enjoys keeping company with the best organisations in the ski and snow communities, so it gives us great pleasure to continue being one ‘a part of the furniture’ at Ski Club of Great Britain!

For regular skiers, boarders and the chalet getaway crowd, the Ski Club of Great Britain is able to offer exclusive deals to members that save a lot of money in the long run, from ski hire, resort bookings, coaching and lessons – and even transfers with ourselves at Ski-Lifts.

Discover the best snow before the rest

One thing that’s guaranteed to keep you excited this season despite everything that’s going in this year, is the wonderful Snow Forecast service from Ski Club of GB. Members get access to an exclusive 10-day forecast in one easy place to check.

Including our team, Ski-Club has 22,000 members with over a century’s worth of a rich history in the mountains around the world.

Ski Club of Great Britain members are entitled to members-only discounts across the full Ski-Lifts range of transfers in every single location. Because Ski-Lifts don’t do discounts normally, being a member of Ski Club is of great benefit, as this will help you save on your transfers with us, thanks to this partnership.

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Getting prepared for skiing holidays 2020/21

Getting prepared for skiing holidays 2020/21

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Coronavirus ski transfer advice covid guarantee

Booking already? Why not

Skiing holidays in 2021/21 are uncertain for most of us. Indeed, it’s undeniable that the Coronavirus epidemic has transformed the way that we travel – and the way we think about it. The same goes for skiing across the world where you can’t really enjoy the ski in your home country.

At the time of writing, the following locations are open for quarantine-free  skiing holidays 2021/21:

  • Italy :still offering quarantine-free holidays including the Alps on condition of a negative CV19 test
  • On the condition of self-certification, France are offering the same level of freedom in the mountains
  • Slovenia can be visited quarantine-free, before 31 December 2020
  • Sweden is open for business, depending on which country you’re travelling from
  • Germany has selective quarantine rules

…for the foreseeable future. While you’re trying to take in Vitamin D from the sunshine as much as you can from the smallest surface area of skin to boost your immune system… are there any other ways in which you can be prepared for booking a skiing holiday in 2020/21?

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Ways to prepare for skiing holidays 2020/2021

One way might be to keep checking back to our list of where you can go skiing this season, (or skiing specifically from the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic) – both are blog posts that we update everyday.

With skiing and snowboarding both demanding a level of personal protective equipment de facto, it can’t hurt to bring extra facial protection items – like extra goggles and buffs – that can be cleaned and washed on a regular basis, especially if you’re planning on being a public space for extended periods of time.

While there are no CDC or WHO guidelines for basic face coverings and reusable masks, received wisdom seems to be to change your masks / face coverings regularly to clean ones, and to clean eye covering items like glasses and goggles as often as you possibly can.

Huge efforts by resorts and business to make the Alps safe

For the vast majority of ski resort locations, the Coronavirus guidance for skiing across the world appears to be based on self-certification, selective quarantine measures and common sense personal responsibility with regards to hygiene, as a part of the global collective’s efforts towards better infection control.

There are ways to protect yourself if you’re getting organised early to book your skiing holidays 2020/21. Those precautions include insurance, heading for resorts with the best preventative measures being taken, and booking with businesses that understand the uncertainty of this time.

Ski businesses, such as hoteliers in Morzine, have grouped together to offer customer refunds in similar circumstances. You can read more on that from Planet Ski.

Ski Lifts is one of those companies, offering a 7-day guarantee, allowing refunds for those who’ve made their plans ahead, but are then subject to Covid restrictions with deny access or travel, up to 7 days before the arranged transfer dates and times, thanks to our Covid-19 Guarantee.
Coronavirus ski transfer advice covid guarantee

Covid: Fear of Going Out?

While FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out, FOGO is the pandemic abbreviation for Fear of Going Out – where the seeming borders-based chaos changes its mind about who is quarantined, who isn’t; where you can and can’t go… the path of least effort would be to pack it all in until the borders are open as they were before – hence, FOGO…

However, it seems like this might not be the case for some time, especially with ideas around digital IDs and immunity certificates being bandied about for the travel sector’s full re-emergence in 2021, and with these certificates outlined as a solution early as back in May 2020.

Regardless of the these maybes, it does mean that skiers and snowboarders like yourselves are taking those calculated risks of non-essential travel…to book your resorts, travel and transfers for the season. As it stands – there are no blanket bans on travel itself except for Japan, New Zealand, Canada and the USA (for most global citizens).

No Fear – Much of Europe is all clear

France remains easy to enter on self certification, but many countries including the UK are asking for their returnees to quarantine when they get home. In addition, most travellers will now have to either declare or prove that they are CV-19 negative.

For most native European skiers – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark remain largely open for early ski season lovers.  We will be adding these updates to the site as soon as possible for some of our fantastic customers in Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany!

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Morzine’s snowing early in 2020

Morzine has snow already for the 2020/21 season!

Like most during 2020, we’ve been turning our  attention to the Morzine snow forecast to help keep our spirits up! In the meantime, don’t be scared and make your <a title=”Geneva to Morzine transfer booking just in case – as all of our transfers are protected by the Lifts.To Covid-19 Guarantee.

So for all the self-confessed obsessives and powder hounds out there, we thought it may also quietly cheer up your 2020, to report that Morzine has had its first bit of snow as of Friday 28th September. The snow wasn’t much, but was enough to raise a few cheers around the offices, at a 9cm depth settling upon rooftops in town, and more on the way – with the next Morzine 2020 snow forecast to be this Saturday 3rd October at a depth of 26cm, according to Snow Forecast.

We love checking out Ski-Club’s snow reports as many of our readers do too – so far, nothing on the pistes at the time of writing. However, we have roughly 1 metre of snow to fall over the next 6 days – which is exciting!

The Chamonix Alps in France covered in snow ski-lifts dot com
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What kind of snow is ideal in Morzine?

Out of the 22 different types of skiing snow (!) you’ll experience as a skier or snowboarder, the best snow forecast that you can hope for is for consistent, long and low humidity snowfall which ideally has been subject to the least amount of temperature variation, and doesn’t warm up too much during the day.

It’s the same snow that’s ideal in every kind of ski resort: either fresh snow, or fresh powder! It’s true – there’s nothing else like it.  This is what skiers and snowboarders love to live for. For others, the fresh snow once the grooms have been out is the norm. Nevertheless – the more you ski, the more you’ll need the good stuff. If not, you’ll likely be aware that everyone has a snow aficionado in their group who will give you their snow analysis for the day – and especially the hardcore ones who are up at the crack of dawn and make their own way, usually further up than the madding crowd, to cut tracks before anyone else.

After this point – you’ll usually get packed powder, which is still fun (and hopefully it’s not hard-packed or icy). But once you’ve had a hit of fresh snow or fresh powder, you’ll quickly need another fix of it…

Itching for the slopes? Be sure and book your transfer to Morzine today in full confidence, with Ski-Lifts. 

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Morzine – What Covid Measures Are There?

Morzine – What Covid Measures Are There?

Yes, Morzine is taking lots of precautions for skiing this year. Undoubtedly the world has changed significantly in the era of Covid-19 and the 2020 pandemic crisis – but is this affecting skiing in Morzine? A little. There are various measures being put in place across France and by France Montagne as a wholeThese measures are also in place, with a few extra helpful elements to a visitor’s journey to help people feel at ease this season should they wish to make a booking. This includes us lot here at Ski-Lifts, who’ve introduced the Hassle Free Covid-19 Guarantee, so that you can book your ski transfers in confidence.

But back to your questions about Morzine:

When does it open in 2020 for the ski season?

Last updated 22nd Dec 2020.

☀️ The Portes du Soleil ski area is open all year round

? The ski lifts however are not likely to be operating until mid Jan as we await further annoucements

Morzine has already had its first snowfall

❄️ The Morzine season snow arrived on Friday 25th September 2020.

? Due to Coronavirus Portes Du Soleil have introduced ski pass cancellation insurance

?️ This will protect skiers and snowboarders.

Technically, the summer lifts schedule has actually been open throughout; only with added cleaning and infection control measures put in place as recommended by government, as well as the stricter equipment cleaning procedures for all for-hire companies advised by France Montagne’s Coronavirus ski measures over the last several weeks. This is to help the fast transition and transferring of Morzine into a Covid-19 preventative tourism location, and to encourage skiers to come back for winter 2020/21.

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What events are planned?

Please note that these may be subject to change. Last updated 22nd Dec 2020.

  • Morzine Enchanted Village, 19th December to 2nd January

  • Ladies Night, 16th February

  • Morzine Takes Care of You, 8th to 12th March

  • Rock the Pistes, 14th to 20th March

  • Finales des Foyers de Ski de Fond 74, 10th March

  • Tournoi des Douanes, 23rd to 25th March

  • La Bagui, 11th April

  • Course des Champions, 4th April

What Covid measures are the Morzine-Avoriaz ski area taking during the pandemic?

In addition to…

  1. Compulsory mask wearing in public areas for those aged 11 and over
  2. Compulsory mask wearing on the buses and any public transport throughout France
  3. Table-service only at bars and restaurants throughout the Morzine area
  4. Disinfection of high contact touchpoints and areas and higher cleaning protocol for ski equipment
  5. Hand sanitizer available for free use, from all local businesses and authorities

…As first reported by Planet Ski, it is currently known that Morzine’s hoteliers are agreeing together to offer Covid-19 refunds or credit notes should there be pandemic-related cancellations put in place by Government. Specifically, this means if Morzine and Avoriaz are closed, or in the event subsequent to booking that you’re unable to travel due to Government restrictions related to Covid-19, you will receive a refund. This is an incredible initiative from the area, designed to reassure us that it’s still safe to support the skiing industry – and that there is a mutual understanding that you will receive your money back should second and third lockdowns take place.

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What Covid measures are Ski-Lifts taking to support skiers in the Coronavirus Crisis?

Ski-Lifts announced the Hassle Free Covid-19 Guarantee, a brand new initiative for all of our customers. In the event that an official Government or Local Authority-imposed restriction, sanction or ruling related to COVID 19 epidemic results in you being denied access to your route or destination,  we will refund your transfer cost or help you change / defer your transfer dates and times, up to the day before travel. Please check out the full terms and conditions here.